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By February 9th Place Pussy Willow Branches to Enliven Stagnant Energy

Allow the pussy willow branches to spread wide for most positive effect.

Allow the pussy willow branches to spread wide for most positive effect.

Feng Shui tip: Uplift the yin chi (low energy) of a stagnant corner with pussywillow branches for Lunar New Year.[/caption]Uplift the energy in your home with pussywillow branches. These harbingers of Spring will enliven the energy of a stagnant corner. This year best to choose one close to the center of your home. Pussywillow branches are perfectly in tune with an optimistic auspicious energy to welcome the New Lunar Year (Chinese New Year). Place a generous bunch in a tall vase in your chosen spot by February 9th for maximum energy effect.


A Few Feng Shui Tips for Upcoming 2010 Year of the Tiger

As the Year of the Ox draws to a close and the Year of the Tiger officially begins on February 4, 2010, so many people have been asking me to give them some pointers that enable them to have the competitive edge. For everyone, the helpful and harmful direction and colors fluctuate based on their individual Five Elements compositions. Clients who have been with me for a long time are accustomed to request their annual Feng Shui “check up” starting as early as September to ensure that they make it onto my to-do list early enough to get a head start. Tiger year

For those who followed my forecast for the Year of the Ox that began February 4, 2009 ending February 3, 2010 you remember that I stated stagnation in growth and recovery would overshadow any short term gains or signs of improvements. Now that we are about to transition into the Year of the Tiger we contemplate the changes in the Five Elements composition in the upcoming year. Tiger ruling element is Wood – which symbolizes growth – but the Element of the YEAR is Metal – which is not a positive combination. This means although there may be improvements in some areas, there will be limitation and side effects accompanying the new cycle. This is because Metal Element chops and reduces the Wood Element in the Five Elements philosophy.

The joy of the upswing might be compromised by an increase in the price of energy and natural resources. Inflation might be an end result.

For individuals who want to increase the intellectual energy to be able to analyze and make the best plan financially as well as those who want their children to get better grades in school, it will be helpful to stimulate the north direction improving the intellectual Chi people need. You could do this by getting the right kind of plant and placing it in the north direction to a location (home or office). Generally, plants with sharp foliage or Cactus should be avoided. For this purpose, this plant should have stronger, commanding Chi that it is more upright vs the droopy type like Philodendron, ferns or leaves that hang over a lot. If you are unsure, simply pick Bamboo stems of varied height grown in water and place that onto the furniture in the north direction to your work space or home. This becomes the ideal place for you to develop new strategy or do your study for advancement. Traditionally, the ideal number of stems varied based on the person’s Chinese Zodiac sign, but, in this case, I would give a generic number of seven as in the cycle per week. After all, everyone has gone through a repositioning period in many areas of their lives in the past two dramatic years and hoping the Year of the Tiger can give more strength in new growth. In addition to this, I would also suggest having a low voltage light that could be kept on 24/7 by or over this plant so that the positive energy can be consistent. To be more environmentally sensitive, set up a timer that would light this area from dusk to dawn. If for some reason a plant can’t be put there, place some decoration consisting on the green color and light this area accordingly as mentioned above.

To improve wealth energy in this Year of the Tiger, stimulating the East direction of the site (home or office) could be helpful and the type of plant should also be upright and strong in growth unlike the droopy type. You may put flowers or orchid there if preferred. To further enhance the Yang Chi, the plant in soil should be grown from a planter that has a Fire Element color tone like red, maroon or other Fire Element tone as indicated in my web site for Five Elements color reference. Otherwise, the flower chosen should be more vibrant in colors consisting of some Fire Element tone (pink, purple, orange, red) or even yellow while staying away from pale color like white, cream of Yin chi.

The inside tips to making your Feng Shui recommendations have more traction and result, program your intention during the purchase and placement stage. Upon completion, a prayer that connects to the divine energy for your intention would set the momentum better.

Best of luck to you all!

Insomnia and Yang Chi

Insomnia is so common now. Even though many of us feel helpless about it, it is almost completely avoidable by aligning ourselves with the Yin/Yang energy patterns of the Mother Earth as she rotates around the Sun. It is curable if one knows how to tap into the ancient Chinese secret of balance of the Yin Yang and Five Elements in us and around us through the concept of Feng Shui. According to this concept, each day is about the constant interchanging cycle of Yin (night, passive) and Yang (day, active). These cycles are predictable, but our lives are structured to our own ‘modern’ timetables and after a while we seem to lose our center. restful sleepAccording to the Chinese Astrological system, there are twelve Rising Signs (two hour-duration) per day in the odd number sequence and the last two Rising signs in each day that begins at 7pm ending at 11pm are rising Yin winding down physical and mental activity at that time is most beneficial.

It is entertainment and commercialism that mess up our “back to nature and simplicity” mode. Are we advanced, or just needlessly complex? When we don’t have any ill-effects to our ordinary behavior we keep on doing it. However, if one has insomnia it is time to take more care. As the day winds down into evening and night, we can consider winding down as well – avoiding Yang Chi activities after 7pm or so, depending on the degree of the problem. When everything is okay and our sleep is good, we order dessert & coffee after dinner, watch that episode of True Blood or Dexter (or the evening news for that matter), hang out on the computer an extra couple of hours and still sleep like babies. Even so, to keep demanding our systems to be in Yang mode after the daily energy shift into passive Yin mode is considered a slow form of suicide in the Chinese healing system. Healthcare reform that divides the U.S. now has overlooked that education to change our habits can reduce the long term cost of premature failing of health.

Even if we can’t be perfectly in harmony with the daily Yin/Yang energy shifts, any incremental improvement will aid our health. From 9pm to 11pm at night focus on yin activities: Power down the TV and computer a little earlier. Avoid difficult tense interactions after dark. Avoid intense or violent stories (whether in newspapers or novels). Schedule exercise for earlier in the day. Instead opt for a cleansing bath with sea salts or relaxing scents like lavender. Companionable time with loved ones – no drama! Drink sleep-promoting herbal tea such as chamomile. Listen to gentle relaxing music. Meditate or read uplifting material. Allow the troubles of the day to melt away.

In the bedroom, I encourage people to reduce the number of electronic devices – if possible no TV, computer, or even electric alarm clock. Keep the vibrations as peaceful as possible.

If you are extra sensitive or already experiencing insomnia, staying away from fruits at night may even be necessary because of its glucose. To slowly fade out of the sleeping pill dependency, some have used Tylenol PM with success. Starting with 2 pills as substitute for a round or two through the night, then, to one per night and eventually none is the ideal dosage.

For those who live in New York City or other places that have Chinese herbalists , insomnia could be cured by Chinese herbs. Calming and strengthening your system through herbs is achievable – and with no risk of addiction. If we want to have long term health, 11pm to 3am while the Chi rotates to liver that detox and produces blood, we should be asleep or laying down. Hopefully, these do’s and don’ts can help many people regain their ability to create quality sleep. Rest well and Peace!

Feng Shui Principles & Back To School Supplies: Shopping for Success!

This is crunch time for back to school shopping! Did you know you can create the competitive edge for your child to excel in school through the Five Elements principle?

Five Elements chart

Five Elements chart

Authentic Feng Shui or healing systems (Herbal, acupuncture) from the Chinese culture use Yin Yang and the Five Elements principle to balance the subject. Five Elements represented by colors and can be used to help calm or stimulate your child as needed through objects needed for school. A dozen year ago when I was commissioned by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to develop one of the wings and give specs for the architects and interior designers to build from, I was impressed that the medical profession has incorporated Color Therapy into the treatment program already.

Colors we see affect our mood and colors we wear affects how we feel and how we’re seen by others; that’s why adults should wear colors beneficial to our own Five Elements in job interviews, important meetings or even dates we go on.

As parents, it is our responsibility to help best shape the future of our children through knowledge of their Five Elements composition that gives insight to their strength and weaknesses, the high or low cycle as an individual, and how to incorporate colors beneficial to their educational development.

My clients have me do a Five Elements profile of their children at birth, so that the nursery and wardrobe would include balancing, helpful colors, themes, materials and compass directions customized for the best possible development.

Make the main colors of his or her wardrobe the helpful colors as shown here. But if you haven’t gotten a chart done then go with the basic Yin Yang colors reference for now.

If you child is aggressive or overly active, add Yin (gentle) colors that are neutral like khaki, white, pale yellow or gray.

If your child is passive, needs motivation and too easy going, add Yang (dominating) colors like red, orange, purple, pink to stimulate energy.

The ideal wardrobe colors should have the helpful combination as the majority and alternate with the other so that there are choices the children would like.

Kids’ supplies, like school bag, pen, pencil, notebook, book cover, computer cover, screen saver, cell phone cover,…. should correspond to the child’s Five Elements composition. For example, if your child lacks the Wood Element, incorporate book cover with leaves, trees, grass images or green or brown colors to compensate. Children needing Water Element should have fish, seashells, sailboat, blue or black color bookmark, book cover that can be helpful to them.

For adults, having the right colors to wear for job interviews, major meetings or even date mean elevating the chance for success: when you feel good you radiate more positive energy. Women can incorporate these colors through jewelry, purse or scarf, men through ties, key chains, pocket squares. The secret to many executives and owners of businesses through the past couple of dozen years I helped: a stash of various colors of underwear that correspond to their own elements helpful in various Lunar year.

Five Elements for car is sufficient because having a car in colors harmful to your elements means that safety can be jeopardized. One of my clients has too much fire and once was stuck with a red rental car – she felt ill whenever she got into the car, and though she had a driver was still involved in a car accident in this car. Having observed many car color issues in this decade between my dad and myself, we have seen that people driving the wrong color cars often spend more money on repairs and summons.

The things we are surrounded by do have an effect on us, so should be managed wisely. This is an ancient Chinese secret that many parents of Asian descent adapt, to help their children achieve academically. Wishing you smart shopping!