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2011 Lunar New Year 3-Day Luck-Changing Opportunities, Part 2 of 3

Vibrant colored flowers auspicious for the Lunar New Year

Feb 2, 2011 , the day before the Lunar New Year is as important a Chinese holiday as the day itself – as important as Thanksgiving is in the US for families getting together sharing an important meal together.  Here is a list of wonderful ways to celebrate and prepare for the change of energy in the renewal of the coming Spring and the new Rabbit cycle of 2011.  As many of these as you can do will heighten your appreciation and your luck in this cycle:

1.    In the afternoon, set time aside to have a prayer of gratitude to the protection and blessings of the previous year regardless of any challenge you had to face.  Pray for continuous or increased blessings.  A grateful heart is at peace which can channel positive energy in the coming year more easily.

2.    Prepare a tray with treats that consists of candies and other sweets to consume throughout the new year period.

3.    Keep your environment neat

4.     Have a reunion dinner with family, loved ones.  Close friends with whom you feel good can substitute if your blood relatives are too far away or if you don’t get along with family well.  This food should be a celebratory abundance of many things and traditionally consisting of fish as saying “having fish” in Chinese is a homonym (sounds the same as)  “having abundant harvest.”

5.    During dinner, the young pays respect to the elders to conclude the last cycle by wishing the elders good health, long life and fortune in the new year.

6.     Married elders would give a red envelope with money to the singles in the group or everyone for a more joyous all-inclusive fun.  Everyone who receives the red envelope places it under their pillow through the night symbolizing good luck & increased fortune carried over into the new year.

7.    Before 11pm, do a bathing ritual to release the old energy of the waning Tiger year.  Use your altar or a quiet spot in your home that you could connect with the divine energy to have a prayer of gratitude to the last cycle that is about to complete.  Pray and/or visualize the pressure and negative energy would be cleansed away during the bath.

8.     Prepare the bath with natural sea salt and 3 different vibrant colors of flower petals and submerge yourself from head to toe into the tub holding your breath for a few seconds at a time and repeat this step a few times, consciously releasing all the emotional, energetic, intellectual and physical challenges you have experienced throughout the Tiger year.

9.     Right before 11pm when the Lunar New Year about to begin (not midnight), light red candles at good luck positions according to Feng Shui to kick off the new year.  Traditionally, this red candle is then used to set off firecrackers which is hardly legal anymore in most cities – but the candles at the positive meridians in your home bring the good fortune as well.

Additional red candles can also be lit at lower energy spots of the space to lift the overall energy.  (Tip 1: Place the red candle centered in a hurricane glass candle shade to protect from drafts.  Follow Fire Department suggestions about never leaving candles unattended, and make sure to extinguish them before you go to bed.

(Tip 2, for added positive energy, at least three days prior to February 1st, place the new unlit candles where the sun can shine on them,  sprinkle drops of Blessed Holy Water from church or other methods in your spiritual belief system that can program positive energy into this new light which initiates a new cycle for you and your family).

The noise of the firecrackers represents Yang Chi that flushes out old, stagnant energy with a new boost of vibrant energy to receive the new year.  Nowadays, you could substitute this with ringing wind chime or banging a gong throughout your environment as you walk around making noise with it.  These objects should be of metal substance that has a high pitch with vibration that radiates.

10.  For those around you, say well wishes to them like “wishing you good health, happiness, wealth, good grades or whatever you know is good for the person receiving the blessings”.

11- Conclude the night with a prayer of gratitude for the divine blessings that enabled you to do this cleansing ritual and start fresh and blessed.  This could be at the altar or the quiet, positive energy spot of your home in accordance with Feng Shui.  Ideally, at this altar space, fresh vibrant color flowers, fruits and other offerings is already placed.

Our thoughts are powerful – as a person thinks so he or she becomes.  This belief or way of being is especially important in the Lunar new year.

12- Wear a new set of pajamas to bed on this night.


Solar Eclipse Coincides with New Moon July 22nd: a Spiritual Opportunity

The coincidence of a Total Solar Eclipse with the New Moon (first day of Lunar calendar month) tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd, is an opportunity to improve your success. In tough economic times like these it makes sense to take a rare opportunity to shift the energy to positive.

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd 2009

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd 2009

According to the Chinese Almanac, it is the last Lunar First in this summer period that is of the Fire Element. In the current double-earth Ox year that started on 2/4/09 and ends on 2/3/10 sluggish energy prohibits real growth and breakthrough. The Fire Element summer months this year allow for greater vitality. If one uses this period wisely to plant the seeds of growth and improvement, good things can happen.

In particular, when it is a spiritual date like the Lunar First aligning with a solar eclipse, intention through prayer could be particularly powerful. The magnetic energy that effects the metaphysical significance of a spiritual date can shift the momentum of things in your life if you prepare yourself and do the right thing before and during that day.

New moon tonight at 11pm Tuesday July 21st: Time for meditation and prayer

New moon tonight at 11pm Tuesday July 21st: Time for meditation and prayer

Many astrologers foretell of terrible misfortune like natural disasters, war and violence from a solar eclipse, but in my view, “That is already our reality for some time already, so?” As a Feng Shui and Chinese Destiny Reading master, I want to shed some light in a day that many mystical traditions perceive as very negative:

In the past 35 years of working with my clients and my father, Master Tin Sun’s clients to help them get in the driver seat of their own lives, my goal to give light in times of darkness. Timing for the portal to shift our reality is upon us, so, as a good deed, spread the word so that more people may maximize the positive instead of succumbing to fear and negativity.

According to Lunar calculation, 11pm tonight, Tuesday July 21st is the moment of the shift to the Lunar First that begins the July 22nd calculation in the solar calendar. We can improve the vibration of the world through each of us by tuning in to the divine connection in all – in whatever spiritual or religious tradition is one’s practice. Please set up a prayer altar before that time and be there receptively in time to accept the transition. Hopefully, you know the good Feng Shui meridian position of your space and use this as the channel into the spiritual side of you peacefully. Unfortunately, not enough people had Feng Shui done from the authentic form that helped you to identify the strength of your location base on the Earth Energy and your individual Five Element energy. Maybe now, you would do something about it so that you don’t miss the next chance like this.

Today, buy your flowers, fruits or whatever you need that can help set up a sacred prayer space or altar. Calmly organize them in a nice way so that it is in front of your spiritual symbol at home you use for prayer or on a table in front of the windows to the sky. If you don’t have a table in the right spot to elevate this prayer position, put a new cloth over the offerings.

Before 11pm, be in a prayer position and start your gratitude prayer – so that your prayer doesn’t turn into a “Wish List”. State your name and offer thanks to the divine blessings for everything, smooth or not, ideal or not because they helped shape our character and paid back karmic debts. After the prayer of thanks, you could then mention the few reasonable, fair wishes you hope to achieve and most importantly, what your contribution back to the world and others will be. I can’t stress enough the importance of delivering on the promise once you achieve your goals. Often people neglect this. When you make a pact – whether with people or the divine forces, borrow and repay gives you the credibility that you can borrow again. One should not be the selfish self of just ask and never return. My Catholic background that evolved to Buddhism and universal belief has me know the importance of never take any blessings or lessons for granted. Having the grace to accept our reality after we made the effort to improve is the “50% divine plan” that is our destiny according to Chinese wisdom. Make peace with it.

Embody virtue through responsible thoughts, proper action, kind temperament and words,… all increase our vibration so that when we pray and ask, the divine connection would be there for us. In general and especially on this Wednesday. think nice, be nice and speak nicely. This way, when you tune in through your prayer to shift your reality, you are an open channel to receive divine energy. Would you remember to ask for world peace, too?

Blessings to you all!