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Clearing our Inner Clutter with Nature Walks

Hudson River at sunset, nature in the city

In New York City we’re going to have perfect Spring weather all week. As Spring is the time to make the plans for your year, use this opportunity to clear the mind of the clutter of all our everyday concerns by getting out into nature. Sunrise and sunset are the most powerful, and there are parks in every borough and every part of town. If you know your Chinese 5 Elements composition you can go to your most positive element and direction. If not, use your intuition – Do you like to be among the trees, by the ocean or river? Go for it. At least 30 minutes out in the nature and we become more centered in our truest selves, and without struggle we can receive insights. Our mind slows down, our happiness increases. Take advantage of the powerful benefits of a 30-minute nature walk every day.

Lastly, since we are in the Dragon Year, purifying and crystalizing our positive thoughts and intentions will be beneficial beyond just this calendar year. We are in a new cycle and the clearing we do this year will keep giving us benefits of health, clarity and happiness throughout the 12-year cycle. In this Dragon year West direction is important to activate for many people. West represents the Metal direction in Feng Shui, the direction of creativity and clearing old energy and modes of thought. To take fullest advantage of this potentiality, if possible during your evening walk find a quiet place to sit where you can feel the light from the setting sun on your face. Specifically, let the sun land on the forehead. Free the mind by doing a gentle meditation in which you feel this warmth and light penetrate to the center of your being. The strong solar energy at sunset can release blockages, allowing the mind to open up, bringing opportunity for better or new ideas to old issues and challenges.


2011 Lunar New Year 3-Day Luck-Changing Opportunities, Part 1 of 3

Over the next few days I will be posting information on how to increase your luck

Beautiful and Auspicious Cherry Blossoms

in the upcoming Metal Rabbit year.  You have from now until the end of January to complete the first list of things to do.  Everything on this list will increase peace and harmony in the home (and office, if you’re preparing the business environment):

Feb 1st – Two Days before the Lunar New Year

1-Finish cleaning the environment top to bottom

2-Finish organizing the space & even files and closets

3-Pay February bills early as it is not auspicious to pay bills in the first few days of the Lunar New Year period

4-Finish cleaning your altar space or other spiritual symbols

5-Begin placing vibrant colored flowers and other uplifting objects at strategic Feng Shui locations in your space.  People are the products of their environment, and places that make people feel good increase positive interaction and outcome.

As part of this, placing Peach Blossom or Cherry Blossom in major meridian position of your environment to induce growth, vibrancy, wealth or even romance for the upcoming year.  If these flowers are not available in your area, substitute with vibrant color flowers (red, pink, orange, yellow, purple) rather than delicate or muted tones.

Improve Energy of the Master Bedroom Through Feng Shui Principles

According to the authentic form of Feng Shui that originated from the Chinese culture about five thousand years ago, there are three major places of focus to analyze the Feng Shui and chi of a residence: The entrance, the master bedroom and the kitchen.

The negative energy in the bedroom at top actually made the client ill.  The bedroom on the bottom is more calm.

The negative energy in the bedroom at top actually made the client ill. The bedroom on the bottom is more calm.

So, in accordance with traditional Feng Shui, one of the major ways of improving the energy is to start with the master bedroom, and this is what I suggest people focus on when trying to deal with improving the energy. Time is limited, so start clearing things out of your master bedroom that are not essential to sleeping and resting. The combined 100 years of field experience between my father and I, we have seen too often that people clutter their night tables – a very common mistake – but one easily fixed! Pill bottles, more than one book (stacks of books sometimes), newspapers, magazines, telephone, alarm clocks, candles, spiritual objects and other personal objects are what we see all the time. This is very bad Feng Shui that drains from the sense of calmness one should see and feel when approaching the bed where people are supposed to feel relaxed and recharge well. It is important to be lying next to minimal things that enable you to feel order and serenity. Not the drama of the books or other reading texts. Not the negative electric magnetite field of the phone, wall plug alarm clock,… By our bedside, the less the better.

For people with strong fire energy or in career of high stress, it might help to have two small smooth stones, each the size of half your palm, that you may rotate two at a time in one palm and get into a calmer state through the Earth Element that absorbs the stress from you. Think of the connectivity to nature and this as a predictable routine that you have control over in your life. You do need to cleanse these stone periodically.

Then, clear the entry area to your master bedroom and place tranquil objects on that wall that are helpful to your own vibrations, based on your own Five Elements Composition. A traditional Feng Shui master from the Chinese culture that knows the varying tastes in current design would be able to help you to figure out a customized theme helpful to you.

Clear things under your bed. This is especially important if you are trying to find a mate in your life. Things under bed block the earth chi that suppose to travel up freely and be active in the room. This applies to rooms in apartment units as well.

Lastly, clear the path to your bed from the bedroom entry so that it won’t be a twist and turn before getting there. Simplicity and clarity is ideal where the energy travels through.
These are some of the more important pointers among a list of other things that an authentic Feng Shui master would be looking into in relations to how objects affect your state of mind and energy field.