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My Philosophy on Apprenticeship

Classical 5-Elements Feng Shui Luo Pan Compass

Lately I have heard from several people that they have hired Feng Shui consultants who advertise themselves as being trained by me, only to be disappointed.  Unfortunately they only checked their bona fides with me after paying and being dissatisfied with the work.  In a similar vein, frequently I receive emails from people asking me to train them, or to teach a course.  The answer is categorically no. While I do not want to be the last of the Tin Sun Lineage, when I do take an apprentice it will not be a stranger who emails me a request. I will choose an apprentice in the traditional way, and the apprenticeship will be of long duration as there is much to learn of Feng Shui Five Elements, Chinese Zodiac, philosophical and scientific texts and life.

Certainly, it has always been a possibility for me, with my high profile, to start a school and train hundreds or even thousands of people. However, this is not the way knowledge is passed down in my lineage for the very simple reason that what needs to be taught cannot be done in a simple course of even 500 or 1,000 hours. Most of the popularized feng shui available to American consumers is of a simplistic variety with rooms divided into sectors and common-sense ideas like ‘declutter’ emphasized. However, the true Feng Shui must incorporate the Five Elements and Destiny Profile of the individuals involved, in conjunction with the Earth Element (solar and chi) variation of each location. Balancing people’s consciousness with the Earth Energy is the only way that the true purpose of Feng Shui can be accomplished.

Many of my loyal long-term clients tried other feng shui practitioners first so they had a context within which to judge what I do, and the feedback I have from them does not surprise me. The authentic form of Feng Shui by a real master not only balances the energies of the client’s environment but also heightens the client’s awareness – a comprehensive approach to the whole life and/or business of the client. Anything less is just interior design – which is important on its own terms but it is not Feng Shui.

Thank you for reading this post. It is important to disseminate the information that I do not do trainings or have any apprentices to date. I am not responsible for people of low morality who use my name completely unauthorized. Do your homework and research before deciding on a Feng Shui Master. My next post will be a checklist for Feng Shui clients looking for a Master or practitioner.


Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton Destiny Reading (Chinese Face Reading)

A harmonious or lasting marriage is ever harder to achieve as mankind become more and more self centered;  according to the Tin Sun Lineage, the grounding strength that holds a marriage together will be lacking if neither partner has the Five Elements completeness.  Fortunately Prince William has all 5 Elements.  But does Kate Middleton bring strong positive grounding to the relationship as well?

Prince William & Kate Middleton Engagement Photo by Mario Testino

Through the many thousands of years old science of Chinese Destiny Reading, we see that she does.  Here are the major points to consider:

  1. Strong Yang Chi eyes – the expression as well as eye shape: commanding energy, eyes widely opened all the way.  Others with yang chi eyes are Tina Fey, Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer.  The Yin Chi eyes have an opposite energy, heavy-lidded eyes that look sleepy or seductive.  Examples are Princess Diana, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Manroe (discussed in a previous blog post).
  2. Strong Yang Chi cheekbones  are high and wide, indicating the level of ambition, courage, power and strength to withstand life’s pressures.  Examples are Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren and Anna Wintour.
  3. Cheekbones well balanced by a strong jaw that create a fairly square face shape together.  The strong jaw also represents that people take the words of this person seriously.  Examples, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.
  4. Solid Yang Chi body posture.  Shoulders are squared, not slumping over, and stable even when moving about .  Examples are Michael Jordan, Natalie Portman and Heidi Klum
  5. Upward shape lips show optimism and sweetness – more comfort, less struggle.

This royal couple is more compatible with both partners each having significant elements that can enhance and solidify a successful marriage.  Prince William having all Five Elements while Kate Middleton having all the strong features in Face Reading  and other features in a Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage like strong Chi, Body Profile.  For perspective, Hillary Clinton has all the positive Destiny Reading features except the upturned lips.

In total, these characteristics indicate that Kate has the emotional strength and strong spirit to deal with the extreme pressure of marrying a prince that her beloved mother-in-law Princess Diana lacked.

Based on the theories listed above, Prince Charles and Princess Diana never had a fighting chance because neither had all Five Elements in their birth charts, while Princess Diana is weak in Destiny Reading items 1 through 4, above.  To make matters worse, Prince Charles has at least 50% of his Five Elements profile composed of Water Element that is more emotional and less steady.

Prince William can be accountable and loyal, upholding the duty he was born into and about to form with his new family.   The fact that this wedding is happening in the year of the Rabbit which is, for Prince William, born year of the Dog, a very auspicious year, is another harbinger of good things.  Good Karma that he found a woman special enough for him and good karma that they are giving us a breather to believe in sweetness of romance again.  Blessings on this royal couple!

Finding Love

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Valentine’s Day + Chinese New Year Tiger (metal year wood sign) = Love Opportunity?

Would I find love and be loved?  This is the most common question my father Master Tin Sun and I have been asked by women in our combined nearly 100 years experience as Feng Shui and Chinese Life Reading masters. In our affluent and free society the downside has been that many people are set adrift in family units of one. Affluence makes this possible, but people who are not by nature contemplatives become more self absorbed and distract themselves with entertainment and the fulfilling of their material desires. With this kind of social isolation it becomes more difficult to connect, as there is no ‘natural’ progression – especially for people in their 30s 40s and beyond. The ‘constructed’ processes, like internet dating, can also create fear based on the lack of real connection with virtual (actual) strangers. As a defense mechanism, a lot of people chose to protect their hearts by putting their guards up.

My most basic suggestion is based on universal laws of attraction: Love attracts love. Romantic or couple love isn’t the only kind. Even if one doesn’t have a life partner, or even family, one’s life can be as imbued with love to the maximum as one wishes. First: get out of the house. Interact. Give. Volunteer for those less fortunate – a true way to open one’s heart center. At the same time, do contemplate. In quiet time (with TV, computer and iPhone off!) one can reconnect with one’s true purpose in this lifetime. Did you once want to play piano but give it up? Wanted to be a doctor but became a lawyer instead? It is in the NOW that there is power in pursuing one’s real dreams – even if in a small way – to reconnect with the joy and love of life that is the foundation of all love. It is your own job to fulfill your spirit. Don’t expect someone else to finish this puzzle and rescue you. We each can be the rescuers of our own souls. The healthier and better you are, the healthier the persons, circumstances and relationships you attract.

There are indications of one’s ability to find lasting love from Feng Shui Chinese Life Reading that may help:

  • Usually, those who could enjoy sweetness from relationships have palms that are developed, cushiony and soft to hold. Woman who would have companionship and comfort also rarely have a palm that is very bony and skinny. Also, the Love line near the base of the fingers running horizontally from the pinky inward usually is quite straight forward without much broken, overlapping and complicated pattern attached to this line.
  • Women who have eyes that are very watery or have excessive Yin energy that are seductive like Marilyn Monroe, sleepy looking, are called in Chinese Face Reading “Cherry Blossom Eyes.” This type of eye feature is associated with drawing people for lustful satisfaction, being exploited and dumped. If you notice your eyes are like this you can develop a more alert expression – and also beware of the energy you’re projecting – become conscious of it and change it.
  • Women who are loved rarely have a very pointy chin or slimmed jaw and these are the areas that reflect the companionship in their Golden Age. Loneness is associated with narrow face and squeezed jaw.

No matter which of the above category you belong to, there is a rare opportunity coming up this Valentine’s Day which is also the Lunar New Year that can help put the energy out there of fulfillment in love:

People who observe Lunar New Year are more sensitive to metaphysical significance in setting intention during the first day of the New Year because it is believed that it sets the momentum to the rest of the year. Being that Feb. 14, 2010 is not only Valentine’s Day, it is also the Lunar First in the Year of the Tiger which though it is a Metal Element year, Tiger is a Wood Element sign with Yang rising Chi. This means using that day wisely to set intention is like planting the seed in the most favorable time early on in a planting season.

If love is what you seek, follow this routine that had proven to have favorable result. On Feb. 13, 2010, start tuning in to your soul and connectivity to the divine energy by being more spiritual and calm. You could do so by taking a Energy Cleansing Bath mentioned in my earlier blog or other routine that can clear your core energy. Using this time to reflect, to feel your soul can provide the clarity that you don’t have year around when you are busy with responsibilities or social functions. Read a story or watch a movie that celebrates the power of love. Feeling hopeful is step one in inviting the intended energy to connect with you during the rest of the year. Listening to gentle music and taking it easy the rest of the evening is a way of healing, recharging so that you could radiate the energy your mind sets out to do.

Head to bed with a new set of pajamas and if love is one of your biggest wish, then, wearing pajamas consisting of pink which is the Fire Element with feminine energy would be helpful. This also reminds you of the feminine qualities that are more attractive than the aggressive, demanding, serious mode most women nowadays operate under most of the time in this demanding world. Woman is Yin as man is Yan, if our Yin and Yang energy is in balance, it sets the tone for both to connect.

Wake up on New Year’s Day with thoughts of those people, pets, locations or events that remind you of the sweetness in life. Count your blessings and be grateful as you do your morning prayer so that you can secure your connection with the divine energy that helps to bring forth blessings you set out to earn. Spend the rest of the day loving and pampering yourself by taking it easy and doing activities you enjoy. Reduce skepticism! Romance usually happens to those that let their guards down. Try to remember your temperament and the energy you radiate that day and duplicate that sweetness in how you feel about life. This would be the seed that enables you to grow the fruit intended.

Your mind setting the intention is the will that leads you to the reality. Hopefully by this time next year, you would be sharing the story of this experiment with the companion in your life. Good Luck!

I told you! Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor by August 7, 2009!

People are the product of the environment and in most case, people are also the product of their destiny determined by birth data (date & time). According to the Chinese Astrology also known as the Four Pillar or Five Elements Calculations, our characteristic tendency, strength and weakness were determined at the time of our birth.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

This philosophy is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been around for a couple of thousand years with documented record just about that long as well. It is a statistic that is a very accurate in foretelling someone’s experience throughout one’s life time based on the personality, strength and weaknesses. The Chinese Zodiac year of birth to a person in relations to the rotation of the Chinese Zodiac year we are in from February 4 each year to February 3 the next gives insight whether we are in high or low cycle. The success rate to things we set out to do is easier when it is our high cycle and if our Five Elements of birth is positive to the Five Element cycle of the year, we can get what we want .

This was the reason why my blog posts of June 15th and July 16th predicted Judge Sotomayor would be confirmed. This is a good example to show that we should all know our own Five Elements composition so that we know which is the year we should be proactive or passive. Going with the wind is better than going against the wind wasting resources and energy.

In tough times like this, when a lot of people are trying to bounce back, those who consult Chinese Life Reading Specialist, like myself, would have the competitive advantage over others. The Tin Sun Lineage’s Chinese Life Reading that incorporate reading of the palm, face, Chinese Astrology, Chi , Voice, Body Profile can minimize guess work in life. Calculated risk is one that can be done if you have the reference that helps you to get an upper hand. An open mind to tap into all resources, especially when its still possible to get the benefit of the ancient Chinese wisdom like Chinese Life Reading and Feng Shui through masters with a strong track record and historic lineage. This way it is possible to shape a life strategy aligned with one’s own cycle within the universal cycle.

Independence Day Musings: Face Reading Shows Your Personal Level of Power / Part I

Most people in positions of command or power usually share three traits in common based on the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage: high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in their Five Elements birth charts. This post and Part II give an overview of this phenomenon.

I hope everyone had an inspiring Independence Day weekend! The huge freedom in the U.S. gives many of us a chance to be as powerful and commanding as we wish to strive for in our professional, social or personal circle. The three traits I will explain in this post are high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in the Five Elements birth chart.

These three women's faces illustrate the features I am discussing

These three women's faces illustrate the features I am discussing

Some powerful women who share these attributes are Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Palin: all have strong cheekbones and strong angular jaws. These facial features represent power and command in the Face Reading portion of the Chinese Destiny Reading. Almost all people who have these features are leaders in their spheres, professionally, socially or domestically. And if these features accompany good looks, social IQ and charm, most of the time, they could attract many admirers that enable them to marry well if they choose.

Adding a strong Fire Element (Chinese Astrology Five Elements Reading) brings the trait of liking to call the shots. Fire people are strong communicators – risk takers with ambition, ability, sharp mind, passion, patriotic spirit, and pride. If they commit, they could throw themselves in 150% and disregard their personal lives and the sacrifices that their loved ones also have to bear. This is the danger that often affects marriages of people with such strong Yang Chi on their faces and in their Five Elements composition. people of such features often pay a price on a personal level because they still must learn to be less self -centered, make compromises and develop a higher level of acceptance of others.

Since they very often see success by their twenties, they aren’t the most humble crowd. They can be quite critical of other people and situations. Because they are so dominating, they don’t have many real friends to let their guards down with, causing them to be somewhat isolated on a human level. This often causes them to be even more Yang and neglect development of the heart and human relationships that could support them through thick and thin. The danger becomes that when they are down, their pride can cause them to bite the bullet beyond a fixable level instead of reaching out to seek advice or help. They would rather pay any price to avoid looking like they are vulnerable and not on top of the world, so they can exhaust themselves emotionally just to keep up.

People with these command features can be too confident, self absorbed and manipulative. They are not nurturing types that are easy to be friends with. Unless you are at their level, these people could seem condescending and unapproachable. If one has these features, it would be beneficial to learn to be softer to others in your views (less judgmental) and ways of expression in order to avoid being seen as conceited. And a word of warning: Secure your own skills before taking leaps to greater ambition. The ocean’s big waves could swallow the fish from the small pond that was considered big – like the case of Sarah Palin. Her resignation has to do with her realization that her beauty and charm could not control the real battle in politics, since she and her family failed to maintain an ideal record.

Bernard Madoff’s Character revealed through Face Reading

Bernard Madoff’s sentence yesterday of 150 years was hardly a real closure for so many of his victims. The emotional pain a person like Madoff inflicts can actually be detected through the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading that the Tin Sun Lineage incorporates into the Destiny Reading of individuals.

Lips, nose and earlobe features discussed in post are visible in this photo

Lips, nose and earlobe features discussed in post are visible in this photo

Whether it is your investment broker, potential business or life partner you are dating and even people you deal with closely on a professional or social level, you can learn the basics to protect yourself by reading “the signs”. Even more important is learning about one’s own face and what can be done to improve the karma it symbolizes.

The art of reading someone’s character, integrity and emotional tendency has been documented for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. Let the con man Madoff be an example that draws the attention of western consciousness to know that we can read the alarming signs in a person that we plan to invest with – emotionally or financially!

The lips tell the story
Madoff has very thin lips, a clear negative for character and tendency. Some of the characteristics associated with a person’s lip features are:
A person with very thin lips can be harsh and ruthless. (Madoff, Tom Cruise)
A person with pointy top lip that is like a peak can speak very harshly and always likes the last word.
A person with lips that don’t shut all the way when in silence can’t keep secret and likes to talk too much.
A person with thick lips is emotionally charged (Angelina Jolie)
A person with lips that curve up has a fortunate life that can contain the blessings.
A person with lips that curve down is one that has a tough, bitter life and hard to contain fortune even when it comes. (Ruth Madoff, Anna Nicole Smith)

Prescription for Thin-lipped People
A man with thin lips and/or a narrow nose should grow a mustache to compensate for the weak energy (chi) of his features. This accomplishes the same as placing a plant to add Wood Element to elevate the chi in a low energy home. On a more spiritual level, all people with these facial features, which reflect current karmic challenges, can use contemplation and development of virtues to weaken negative tendencies. Make a practice of cutting people slack. Become less self absorbed. Do anonymous charity. Don’t be over-protective, territorial or possessive. You can expiate karma in this lifetime instead of creating even more negative karma that you will have to bear in future incarnations.

Face Reading and Karma
There are hundreds of details of how to read someone’s inner state through lip features by looking at the color, shape of upper and bottom lips individually, size, angles, length, lines formation, angles when speaking or silence, and how protruding they are from the face in profile.
If you are getting involved with someone who has lips very thin like Madoff and Tom Cruise, you better know that you need to protect yourself financially and emotionally. Someone like this could cut you off completely if you are no longer of any use and they could be very heartless. A lot of times people with such lips feature have a lonely golden age (old age).
The negative ramification to thin lips is made worst if the nose is very narrow and sharp in shape because this person can be very cold if he or she disagrees with you. This means this person can cut you out of your fair share.
In the case of Madoff, his thin lips are accompanied with an “Eagle Shape Nose” that is of a feature associates with conning, calculating and manipulative in nature according to the Chinese Face Reading art. Doing business with this kind of nose feature is one that you would most likely not get your fair share.

Besides these general characteristics to reading the nose and lips, in face reading, the nose represents the person’s life from 41-50 yrs. Old, and the lips represent the time from 55-65 yrs. old.
For Madoff, who has thin lips and slim earlobes that are associated with limited blessings, loneliness, bitterness, sorrows and regrets may be his biggest punishments. If he even knows karma curses CAN PASS to the offspring for at least three generations according to Buddhism and law of justice, the worst is yet to come. Let this be known to the western consciousness and all those corporate leaders that are taking more than their fair share.

In the Chinese culture, where Buddhism, karma connectivity of blessings and curses from family association and Destiny are interconnected, the Tin Sun Lineage over many generations has seen countless cases in which the children and grandchildren have paid a terrible price for what the parents and grandparents have done. You may see conning people seemingly get away with it within the legal systems, but, masters like me and my father, Master Tin Sun, know the true pain behind the glory of riches from unjust money. The American culture that is young and new to this ancient wisdom actually doesn’t need to look far in understanding this philosophy if one studies the evolution of the families that developed and monopolized different industries in American history. If Madoff’s wife and children want to break the serious karma curse on them and their offspring, they should work to figure out a way to pay back out of their pockets the countless people they’ve hurt.