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My Feng Shui Lecture at Citibank

Corporate leaders are working harder to find cost-effective ways to boost staff morale during these tough times. Citibank has been innovative and wise enough to pay attention to such details. On July 30, 2009, one of the Citibank divisions invited me to Greenwich Street to give a talk on the topic of “Tips of Career & Life Path through Feng Shui & Five Elements” open to all Citibank employees. There was enough interest that attendance was several times the usual turnout for these internal events. 2009_0730 Citibank

The outstanding organizers of this event commented after the talk that the message from Pun Yin was so encouraging and helpful to the team morale that the attendees walked away feeling empowered and happy. This was beyond the result that they had gotten from other topics. Before the talk was even over, other locations in the Citibank network started sending requests to do an event in their locations. The enthusiastic Q & A extended the program an additional half hour, and those that could not stay wrote wonderful remarks via the company’s intranet.2009_0730 Citibank2

Power to the Cube
I encouraged the employees to each create a better attitude for themselves in the workplace through personalized Feng Shui Elements that can improve the energy of their work stations. When office workers enhance the feng shui positive energy of their workspaces, one cubical at a time, one section at a time, one day at a time – these transformations can build momentum for the whole company. Helping them see themselves as making this much of a difference to the big picture and dealing with the challenges of this transitional time is an enhancement to corporate consciousness that works. People are the product of their environment, people from top should trickle down to start making positive changes in the environment to send a message to the staff that the company is here to stay and do care about its employees. Doing nothing while the fear escalates among people is the passive approach that makes morale even lower.

Power to the Company
A win/win situation for companies and their employees is to have someone with positive message, with specific pointers that can help 2009_0730 Citibank1improve the work environment and people’s attitude towards their employment. Competitive advantage can be gained by the corporation that plans to bounce back by hiring a qualified Feng Shui master with a strong track record and corporate credibility to start improving the office environments. This small investment is a signal to boost the team spirit that “our ship” has survived the storm and confidence about future growth. Citibank is a first-mover – they broke out of the pack from other counterparts slow to do something like this. The dynamic culture of Citibank with many workers from Asia and India is so evolved and opened-minded, which will help make this one of the companies to rebuild faster than others.

Feng Shui Corporate Motivation
We are in a new era – motivational speaking has been a big industry for a long time when the economic environment was in an upswing. As a Feng Shui master, I am a new kind of motivational speaker, who inspires through personalized approach using the Feng Shui and Five Elements Composition/Chinese Astrology/Four Pillar study – and really reaches people! I enjoyed myself a lot and it was a joy for me to see that the corporate mainstream has become so aware of Feng Shui, asking for more advanced information vs. the basic introduction to the subject in my lectures over a dozen years ago at American Express corporate headquarters, and other charities, corporate events I’ve done over the years.

The press, which has documented my successful track record, really helped popularized Feng Shui for people from all walks of life although not all practitioners or authors are created equal nor have documented track records for people to refer to. Feng Shui is like any profession – educated consumers must do good research before entrusting just anyone. The downside of popularization and familiarization is the market being flooded with practitioners and authors who came out of short courses and lack proper guidance, field training, and experience.

Citibank has done its research well of various Feng Shui practitioners out there before the decision of reaching to Pun Yin who has chosen to be more low key in the recent years to step back into the spot light because it is her duty to bring light to the people in times like this. I hope that other corporations can take note; If you want the soul of your company to be healthy again, being in denial, not dealing with fixing the environment and morale of the employees is a short-sighted strategy. You want to get back on top of the game? Be proactive through Feng Shui & inspiring messages that boost people’s attitude!