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By February 9th Place Pussy Willow Branches to Enliven Stagnant Energy

Allow the pussy willow branches to spread wide for most positive effect.

Allow the pussy willow branches to spread wide for most positive effect.

Feng Shui tip: Uplift the yin chi (low energy) of a stagnant corner with pussywillow branches for Lunar New Year.[/caption]Uplift the energy in your home with pussywillow branches. These harbingers of Spring will enliven the energy of a stagnant corner. This year best to choose one close to the center of your home. Pussywillow branches are perfectly in tune with an optimistic auspicious energy to welcome the New Lunar Year (Chinese New Year). Place a generous bunch in a tall vase in your chosen spot by February 9th for maximum energy effect.


New Year’s Reflections

flowersThere’s another 10 hours to reflect and calm ourselves as we put 2012 behind us. We clear ourselves and open up to the new possibilities that 2013 will offer us.

Before (or instead of) dipping into the champagne in overcrowded parties and overpriced clubs, dip into a sea-salt bath to purify from head to toe (completely immerse yourself), meditating on clearing the mind and body of all negativity built up during the year. Bring some fresh flowers into your home today to help uplift your spirits.

Think of your accomplishments in 2012. Look at visual reminders: did you get an award or a diploma? Pictures of places or people that brought you happiness? Focus on what has made you grateful and feeling good about yourself in this year so you can move forward with a positive outlook.

Tomorrow, New Years Day, try a news-fast. There is so much going on in the world, much of it tragic, horrifying or catastrophic, that when we become immersed in these packets of negative information we feel agitated and helpless. Going without news at least one day a week is good for our minds as we can become grounded and centered in the present moment and its infinite attributes rather than letting our minds zoom around to the hundreds or thousands of virtual things that compel our attention.

Wishing inner and outer harmony, integrity and peace of mind to all people in 2013.

Preparing for Your New Year

Choose and energize your prayer beads for the New Year.

Choose and energize your prayer beads for the New Year.

As the days get shorter now in the Northern hemisphere heading towards the Winter Solstice it is a perfect time to recenter ourselves. Your luck and happiness in the New Year will depend on your ability to create and maintain a positive outlook. As we go within we realize the source of our happiness is not in the material objects around us, or even in the connection with our friends and family – but in our own attitudes, minds and hearts. The solstice is a powerful time to fine-tune our focus, purge our selfishness and find our gratitude and humility for the blessings that surround us. Make sure to get out in nature during daylight hours – if possible by woods or water to get an important solar charge and clear any mind-clutter. This is the best way to reduce fears and negative thinking we can get caught up in.

In this important week, find a beautiful river stone that easily fits in the palm of your hand, or a set of prayer beads. Rinse in cool water and leave them in a sunny window for a day to cleanse their energy and give them a solar charge. Now leave them by your desk and make sure to handle them on a daily basis while doing a brief positive-thinking meditation to begin to charge them with positivity for your New Year.

I will be giving more Feng Shui suggestions for your New Year in the next few posts.

2011 Lunar New Year 3-Day Luck-Changing Opportunities, Part 3 of 3

Lucky New Year's Banners

Lunar New Years Day and First Day of Spring

February 3rd, 2011 Lunar New Year Day

1.    Wake up in the new Lunar year and early in the day wish well to your family and people you know who you would meet today (at the minimum).  Traditionally, this greeting ritual last about 15 days.  Call or see your parents and in-laws to wish them good health and wellness in the new lunar cycle. Call people you care about throughout the day.

2.    Wear new clothes today (at a minimum, new undergarments).

3.    Start with good thoughts, relax mind and a grateful heart, then, approach your altar or the positive energy space of your home to do a prayer to tap into the divine energy that can grant you blessings.  Prayer and recite your wishes for this lunar new year, then, go about your day as if your wishes were already a reality so that your emotional state of mind feels contend, at peace and happy.  You need to set the tone with a positive mode that keeps your mind feeling confident, optimistic, motivated, inspired and empowered.

This is like the visualization that many spiritual people in the west already adapted, but, not quite yet synch with the lunar calendar transitional time that has greater affect on our emotional and energetic state.  (Being that the last Lunar Eclipse was a full moon and a Winter Solstice of 2010, it is ever more crucial for people who want good luck to do these 3 days of Good Luck Ritual to counteract the reduced energy overshadowing us).

4.    If there is no health concern, it is good to have the breakfast with sweets and concluding with sweet treat you already prepared for the lunar new year.  Ideally, it is best to be a vegetarian in this first meal and if possible, throughout the whole day and night.  If one wants mercy, it is good to be merciful first.

5.   Traditionally, red couplets with good luck theme would be pasted on doors facing outside and throughout the interior.  Red lantern is also put up by the entrance too.

6.    If time allows, visit a spiritual site to pay respects, do a prayer mentioning your wishes and how you would reciprocate to good causes by the end of the year of wishes granted)

7.    Maintain a positive energy field that is relaxed, kind and forgiving mentally.  Be positive in your manner and verbal exchange with people.  Don’t get upset or say negative things or words.

8.    Try to stay away from people who can trigger negative emotions or thoughts in you.

9.    Try to mingle and meet people who make you feel good and or that they are more blessed in your view of having good things.

10. Throughout the day, a relax mind usually enables good ideas to come through that you could initiate throughout the year.

11. Meditate or do gentle chi exercise (Tai Chi, Yoga) that regulates the energy flow within to create the balance that helps set the tone to the rest of the year.

12.   Don’t clean or throw things out or pour water on the ground, don’t use scissors or knives that cut energy (if possible), don’t write or mail checks.

Resetting Your Energy for Autumn: Good Health & Balance

Autumn garden, New York City

Autumn garden, New York City

The ancient Chinese healing systems suggest adapting our behaviors with the seasons for optimum health of body mind & spirit. Through Feng Shui, herbal healing, acupuncture, acupressure, QiQong, tai chi,… the focus is on maintaining balance, thus preventing health problems as much as possible. It is typical in China, or even in the Chinese neighborhoods of New York City and San Francisco for instance to see many people (including senior citizens) doing tai chi in public parks every morning. This activity stimulates energy of mind and body, enlivening the spirit as well. For over 35 years I have been studying the wisdom traditions of China and bringing this wisdom to the West.

The threat of Swine flue this year makes the season change a little more risky, so it is even more important to build up our immune systems starting now and throughout the Autumn. After speaking to my herbalist today, who said that many more people than usual have already been coming to her with cough, respiratory and colds, I am bringing back a few of her tips that I like to share with you:

The Yin and Yang energy within our system is resetting, so, it is best that we should avoid cold drinks or snack if possible. We should be sure to drink plenty of water and herbal teas to detox and flush out replaced cells. There are different kinds of herbal drinks and soups that the Chinese cook for transitional season like this, but, for western people, intake more fluid or fruits of a soothing nature like pears or berries can be helpful as substitute. The objective in the Chinese healing system at this time is to “Nurture and moisten our systems” that strengthen our kidneys, brighten our sight, moisten our lung and calm our hearts. Staying away from fried food now would be helpful and needed since the air would be getting drier and dehydrating foods take a toll on our bodies. If you are serious in the natural way of preventive healing, try to steep this tea at night before you retire: steep a few chrysanthemum flowers with Goji fruit (or sugarless Goji juice) for a few minutes before you drink it warm. To promote quality rest that builds the immune system, you could dip your feet in warm water that can help relax you.

Before the rush of the holiday seasons, correct the energy of your home as I posted here. And before the weather gets too cold, maximize the chance for meeting of the minds with your love ones through using the energy from outdoor as I posted here. If you like to keep busy and make some changes at home, follow the Five Elements guideline here that can help to improve the grades of your child. A well know Chinese proverb, “Success is having good timing, networking and location (Feng Shui)” and you can click here to learn how to put all the elements together to work for you. And, of course, you can visit my website for information about the ancient art and science of Feng Shui and my background as a Feng Shui Master.

If you live in the New York Tri-state area, tune in on 9/13/2009 Sunday at 7:30pm in WNYE NYC TV network to see my interview by host Sue Robinson about Feng Shui.

Good luck as you rejuvenate, recharge and refresh for better body, mind, spirit and environment too!