About Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin

Master Pun YinI was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York at twelve.   My lineage and training are unique among practitioners in the United States. I became apprentice to my father, Master Tin Sun, from the age of ten. The Tin Sun Lineage has existed for many generations. Buddhist Monk Cheng Yei Shang Yen was the Grandmaster who held and then passed the torch to my father, who as part of his training had spent ten years studying at a Buddhist monastery in Canton, China.  Please visit my website (click on the picture) for more information about my Feng Shui practice.

One of my most famous projects is the work I did for Donald Trump on the Trump International Tower & Hotel in New York City.

Master Pun Yin, Donald Trump, Master Tin Sun at opening ceremony for Trump International Tower & Hotel

Master Pun Yin, Donald Trump, Master Tin Sun at opening ceremony for Trump International Tower & Hotel

Many Feng Shui practitioners, those interested in esoteric arts and even major media outlets such as Fortune magazine cite this project as the beginning of heightened awareness of Feng Shui in the US.


4 responses to “About Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin

  1. I read a book over several years ago about Chinese face reading and came to similar conclusions to yours about Michael Jackson as concerns the changes to his nose and any plastic surgery changes people make, it changes the way the world responds and reflects on every area of one’s life in some way. I wonder and would be interested on your analysis because I forget what a cleft chin means in Chinese face reading because Michael Jackson was not born with a cleft chin.

  2. Hello, I’m wondering if you would be interesteded in doing a face reading for me. I have many questions about who I am and where I need to go, and what is my mission in life. I’ve read your articles and they are very accurate I believe. I would be honoured if you can help me

    sincerely yours,


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