Urban Life: Bad Neighbors

Glare from Glass Tower courtesy The New York Times

There was a story in the New York Times a few days ago about the harm caused when a glass building was built across the way from The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas. It made me think about how often outside influences change the circumstances of spaces we consider our own: offices, homes or businesses.

I have frequently written about the negative effects of harshly mirrored or metallic surfaces of buildings. When the sun shines off them they blind people on the street, driving in cars and located in neighboring buildings. This glare, if it’s in a power location relative to you can have very negative effects on your health, relationships and financial well-being.

Many kinds of negative changes that are possible when one lives and works in a large urban environment. The clothing boutique next door becomes a dry cleaner (toxic chemicals) or a noisy restaurant. A bar with live music opens on the corner. A tower starts going up next door causing construction noise and dirt and, eventually, a building that will block your view. Although unpleasant, each one of these things can be mitigated to a certain extent by implementing additional feng shui prescriptions to bring a natural balance based on the problem, your own 5-elements composition, and where you are in your 5-elements and Chinese zodiac cycle.

Changes occur. Keep up with them. Do not avoid issues but meet them head-on with optimism and faith.


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