Monthly Archives: March 2012

Clearing our Inner Clutter with Nature Walks

Hudson River at sunset, nature in the city

In New York City we’re going to have perfect Spring weather all week. As Spring is the time to make the plans for your year, use this opportunity to clear the mind of the clutter of all our everyday concerns by getting out into nature. Sunrise and sunset are the most powerful, and there are parks in every borough and every part of town. If you know your Chinese 5 Elements composition you can go to your most positive element and direction. If not, use your intuition – Do you like to be among the trees, by the ocean or river? Go for it. At least 30 minutes out in the nature and we become more centered in our truest selves, and without struggle we can receive insights. Our mind slows down, our happiness increases. Take advantage of the powerful benefits of a 30-minute nature walk every day.

Lastly, since we are in the Dragon Year, purifying and crystalizing our positive thoughts and intentions will be beneficial beyond just this calendar year. We are in a new cycle and the clearing we do this year will keep giving us benefits of health, clarity and happiness throughout the 12-year cycle. In this Dragon year West direction is important to activate for many people. West represents the Metal direction in Feng Shui, the direction of creativity and clearing old energy and modes of thought. To take fullest advantage of this potentiality, if possible during your evening walk find a quiet place to sit where you can feel the light from the setting sun on your face. Specifically, let the sun land on the forehead. Free the mind by doing a gentle meditation in which you feel this warmth and light penetrate to the center of your being. The strong solar energy at sunset can release blockages, allowing the mind to open up, bringing opportunity for better or new ideas to old issues and challenges.