Happier New (Lunar) Year

There is an extra benefit available for loving and responsible people.  For an extra boost of positive energy bring an ideal companion into your home – one who will always be there for you emotionally.  Yes, before February 4, 2012 getting a dog during the Year of the Hare can bring you luck metaphysically since the Dog/Hare correlation is beneficial according to the Chinese Zodiac system.

Veterinarian and bestselling author Dr. Allen M. Schoen, who pioneered the integration of holistic healing into animal health care and revolutionized the loving care of animals from humans validated this Chinese metaphysical suggestion.  His book Kindred Spirits encompassed findings about unconditional loving bound between humans and their pets that can increase the quality of life.  Dr. Schoen cautions though to make sure you choose the right dog (breed) to harmonize with your life-style.  The wrong dog could make life more stressful for both person and dog.

This unique suggestion merges ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui and Life Reading that has been followed for a couple of thousand years with a modern consciousness that relates with vibrational science that humanity is more aware of than ever.

For the right kind of person adopting an appropriate dog before 2/4/12 can help boost happier energy for years to come.  Strongly recommended for people who live alone or have children who need more companionship.  This East-meets-West, old consciousness merging with new hopefully can bring more loving energy to the world in 2012 and beyond.

Further details about Dr. Allen M. Schoen can be found at his website www.kindredspiritsproject.com

A caution: bringing a dog into one’s household should only be done if you’re willing and able to provide a consistently loving and nurturing home.  If you aren’t absolutely positive that you can be responsible for a dog’s well-being then it is better not to do so.


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