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Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton Destiny Reading (Chinese Face Reading)

A harmonious or lasting marriage is ever harder to achieve as mankind become more and more self centered;  according to the Tin Sun Lineage, the grounding strength that holds a marriage together will be lacking if neither partner has the Five Elements completeness.  Fortunately Prince William has all 5 Elements.  But does Kate Middleton bring strong positive grounding to the relationship as well?

Prince William & Kate Middleton Engagement Photo by Mario Testino

Through the many thousands of years old science of Chinese Destiny Reading, we see that she does.  Here are the major points to consider:

  1. Strong Yang Chi eyes – the expression as well as eye shape: commanding energy, eyes widely opened all the way.  Others with yang chi eyes are Tina Fey, Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer.  The Yin Chi eyes have an opposite energy, heavy-lidded eyes that look sleepy or seductive.  Examples are Princess Diana, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Manroe (discussed in a previous blog post).
  2. Strong Yang Chi cheekbones  are high and wide, indicating the level of ambition, courage, power and strength to withstand life’s pressures.  Examples are Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren and Anna Wintour.
  3. Cheekbones well balanced by a strong jaw that create a fairly square face shape together.  The strong jaw also represents that people take the words of this person seriously.  Examples, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.
  4. Solid Yang Chi body posture.  Shoulders are squared, not slumping over, and stable even when moving about .  Examples are Michael Jordan, Natalie Portman and Heidi Klum
  5. Upward shape lips show optimism and sweetness – more comfort, less struggle.

This royal couple is more compatible with both partners each having significant elements that can enhance and solidify a successful marriage.  Prince William having all Five Elements while Kate Middleton having all the strong features in Face Reading  and other features in a Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage like strong Chi, Body Profile.  For perspective, Hillary Clinton has all the positive Destiny Reading features except the upturned lips.

In total, these characteristics indicate that Kate has the emotional strength and strong spirit to deal with the extreme pressure of marrying a prince that her beloved mother-in-law Princess Diana lacked.

Based on the theories listed above, Prince Charles and Princess Diana never had a fighting chance because neither had all Five Elements in their birth charts, while Princess Diana is weak in Destiny Reading items 1 through 4, above.  To make matters worse, Prince Charles has at least 50% of his Five Elements profile composed of Water Element that is more emotional and less steady.

Prince William can be accountable and loyal, upholding the duty he was born into and about to form with his new family.   The fact that this wedding is happening in the year of the Rabbit which is, for Prince William, born year of the Dog, a very auspicious year, is another harbinger of good things.  Good Karma that he found a woman special enough for him and good karma that they are giving us a breather to believe in sweetness of romance again.  Blessings on this royal couple!

Prince William & Kate Middleton Wedding 5 Elements Composition

The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be lifelong and successful according to Chinese Astrology because they have the Five Elements composition that can enhance each other and weather any storms.

One of the life partners (in this case Prince William) has all Five Elements in his natal composition, so he has the strength to stay grounded even if the rug is pulled out from under him.  This composition is seen in other iconic couples such as President Ronald Reagan & Nancy Reagan (President Reagan had all Five Elements) as well as President Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has all Five Elements).  Stable relationships are very difficult to maintain if neither partner has the emotional strength that is characteristic to people having all Five Elements completeness  (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) discussed in my website.

With the combined 100 years field observation in Destiny Reading & Five Elements Feng Shui

Prince William & Kate Middleton Engagement Photo by Mario Testino

between my father Master Tin Sun and myself, Master Pun-Yin of the Tin Sun Lineage system, we concluded that almost all successful marriages that stick, at least one of the partners ALWAYS has this Five Elements composition.

Only around 12% of the population has all Five Elements and these are always people born to affluence or with the leadership qualities that enable them to achieve fame and fortune on their own merit.  They are the group that can see the big picture and be able to make personal sacrifices with grace when necessary.  We are sure Prince William will do the right thing even in hard times as he did when he was a young child walking with dignity behind his beloved mother’s coffin in 1997.

In my next post I will go over the Destiny Reading results for this marriage, according to the Tin Sun Lineage derived from thousands of years old Chinese texts on Face & Palm Reading.

Master Pun Yin on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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2009 Pun Yin Feng Shui: 5 Elements – Activating Dragon Chi Master Pun Yin visits the retail store of her Feng Shui client Pylones in Grand Central Station. We see her Chinese 5 Element prescriptions harnessing positive chi (Dragon Chi) and working against negative chi (White Tiger Chi) for successful business.
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