Increase Luck this Holiday Season

The people you rub elbows with can hurt or help your own energy and luck. So in general it is wiser to associate with people that are positive and constructive to grow with. This is especially the case during the holiday season when you consider whom to invite into your home during Chanukah, Christmas and New Year, and the Chinese (Lunar) New Year coming up soon after that.

Flow of Chi

Most people are still trying to recover from the dramatic economic times in the past two years, so in the upcoming New Year period be more conscious of creating upbeat energy in your home to define the theme and momentum properly right from the start. This means people who like to drill on the past unpleasant situations and talk about it still should be avoided. Having conversations full of negative emotions in your home program that negativity into your space. If you must interact with those people for social diplomacy during the holiday cycle, do so in a restaurant so that the energy does not linger in your precious home.

By the same token, people who are in the midst of serious illness personally or within the family or just had a death in the family, be supportive in a public place or their place, or have those phone conversations in the west direction of your home while talking facing out the window. West direction with strong sun light and solar energy in the late afternoon can clear away old energy. It would be best that if the window is open a bit or more if weather permits so that the negative energy is alleviated outside. If there is no west facing for such a use, south or east could be considered. In this case, sage the space or use instruments like wind chime, bell or drum to clear the negative vibration. This can be done by ringing bell or striking drum as you walk around the space in a clockwise motion and guiding each round out the window with the actual motion or mental intention.

If you are the unfortunate person with serious illnesses or death happening in your immediate circle, you should also follow the recommendations above when taking those calls from caring friends and relatives because that is healthier for you and your love ones living with you. Clearing the energy in your space regularly with sage and/or sound and solar energy is important – and clearing your personal energy by taking a mineral bath and making sure that at least once every part of you is submerged in the water.

Rhythm, momentum is important for people who want to nurture or grow positive energy in their lives, so, on New Year’s day, take it easy and try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Waking up naturally when your body feels like it rested enough, doing your morning routine without rushing to things is a good way to start. Also, doing a prayer and exercise is a way to set the order of priority that can be your momentum in the remainder of the year. If you are going to meet anyone, make sure that they are people who are in a good enough cycle that can be inspiring and fun to be with. Sharing a laugh or two is always good, especially in the beginning of a new cycle.

To further boost positive and wealth energy, bring in some Wood Element on New Year’s Day by putting flowers in the east direction of your home or living room. If you live in a place that you can’t get flower on that day, then, cut a few branches of leaves in place of flowers. If neither of this can be done, purchase the flower ahead of time and store it well, then, on New Year morning, arrange them accordingly. To lift the spirit and energy the maximum way possible, avoid white, cream or blue color flowers. You could use multi-color arrangement or other vibrant colors like pink, yellow, purple or red.

Bottom line, make your New Year’s Day, light, fresh, happy, stress free and calm because you deserve it!


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