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A Few Feng Shui Tips for Upcoming 2010 Year of the Tiger

As the Year of the Ox draws to a close and the Year of the Tiger officially begins on February 4, 2010, so many people have been asking me to give them some pointers that enable them to have the competitive edge. For everyone, the helpful and harmful direction and colors fluctuate based on their individual Five Elements compositions. Clients who have been with me for a long time are accustomed to request their annual Feng Shui “check up” starting as early as September to ensure that they make it onto my to-do list early enough to get a head start. Tiger year

For those who followed my forecast for the Year of the Ox that began February 4, 2009 ending February 3, 2010 you remember that I stated stagnation in growth and recovery would overshadow any short term gains or signs of improvements. Now that we are about to transition into the Year of the Tiger we contemplate the changes in the Five Elements composition in the upcoming year. Tiger ruling element is Wood – which symbolizes growth – but the Element of the YEAR is Metal – which is not a positive combination. This means although there may be improvements in some areas, there will be limitation and side effects accompanying the new cycle. This is because Metal Element chops and reduces the Wood Element in the Five Elements philosophy.

The joy of the upswing might be compromised by an increase in the price of energy and natural resources. Inflation might be an end result.

For individuals who want to increase the intellectual energy to be able to analyze and make the best plan financially as well as those who want their children to get better grades in school, it will be helpful to stimulate the north direction improving the intellectual Chi people need. You could do this by getting the right kind of plant and placing it in the north direction to a location (home or office). Generally, plants with sharp foliage or Cactus should be avoided. For this purpose, this plant should have stronger, commanding Chi that it is more upright vs the droopy type like Philodendron, ferns or leaves that hang over a lot. If you are unsure, simply pick Bamboo stems of varied height grown in water and place that onto the furniture in the north direction to your work space or home. This becomes the ideal place for you to develop new strategy or do your study for advancement. Traditionally, the ideal number of stems varied based on the person’s Chinese Zodiac sign, but, in this case, I would give a generic number of seven as in the cycle per week. After all, everyone has gone through a repositioning period in many areas of their lives in the past two dramatic years and hoping the Year of the Tiger can give more strength in new growth. In addition to this, I would also suggest having a low voltage light that could be kept on 24/7 by or over this plant so that the positive energy can be consistent. To be more environmentally sensitive, set up a timer that would light this area from dusk to dawn. If for some reason a plant can’t be put there, place some decoration consisting on the green color and light this area accordingly as mentioned above.

To improve wealth energy in this Year of the Tiger, stimulating the East direction of the site (home or office) could be helpful and the type of plant should also be upright and strong in growth unlike the droopy type. You may put flowers or orchid there if preferred. To further enhance the Yang Chi, the plant in soil should be grown from a planter that has a Fire Element color tone like red, maroon or other Fire Element tone as indicated in my web site for Five Elements color reference. Otherwise, the flower chosen should be more vibrant in colors consisting of some Fire Element tone (pink, purple, orange, red) or even yellow while staying away from pale color like white, cream of Yin chi.

The inside tips to making your Feng Shui recommendations have more traction and result, program your intention during the purchase and placement stage. Upon completion, a prayer that connects to the divine energy for your intention would set the momentum better.

Best of luck to you all!


Increase Luck this Holiday Season

The people you rub elbows with can hurt or help your own energy and luck. So in general it is wiser to associate with people that are positive and constructive to grow with. This is especially the case during the holiday season when you consider whom to invite into your home during Chanukah, Christmas and New Year, and the Chinese (Lunar) New Year coming up soon after that.

Flow of Chi

Most people are still trying to recover from the dramatic economic times in the past two years, so in the upcoming New Year period be more conscious of creating upbeat energy in your home to define the theme and momentum properly right from the start. This means people who like to drill on the past unpleasant situations and talk about it still should be avoided. Having conversations full of negative emotions in your home program that negativity into your space. If you must interact with those people for social diplomacy during the holiday cycle, do so in a restaurant so that the energy does not linger in your precious home.

By the same token, people who are in the midst of serious illness personally or within the family or just had a death in the family, be supportive in a public place or their place, or have those phone conversations in the west direction of your home while talking facing out the window. West direction with strong sun light and solar energy in the late afternoon can clear away old energy. It would be best that if the window is open a bit or more if weather permits so that the negative energy is alleviated outside. If there is no west facing for such a use, south or east could be considered. In this case, sage the space or use instruments like wind chime, bell or drum to clear the negative vibration. This can be done by ringing bell or striking drum as you walk around the space in a clockwise motion and guiding each round out the window with the actual motion or mental intention.

If you are the unfortunate person with serious illnesses or death happening in your immediate circle, you should also follow the recommendations above when taking those calls from caring friends and relatives because that is healthier for you and your love ones living with you. Clearing the energy in your space regularly with sage and/or sound and solar energy is important – and clearing your personal energy by taking a mineral bath and making sure that at least once every part of you is submerged in the water.

Rhythm, momentum is important for people who want to nurture or grow positive energy in their lives, so, on New Year’s day, take it easy and try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Waking up naturally when your body feels like it rested enough, doing your morning routine without rushing to things is a good way to start. Also, doing a prayer and exercise is a way to set the order of priority that can be your momentum in the remainder of the year. If you are going to meet anyone, make sure that they are people who are in a good enough cycle that can be inspiring and fun to be with. Sharing a laugh or two is always good, especially in the beginning of a new cycle.

To further boost positive and wealth energy, bring in some Wood Element on New Year’s Day by putting flowers in the east direction of your home or living room. If you live in a place that you can’t get flower on that day, then, cut a few branches of leaves in place of flowers. If neither of this can be done, purchase the flower ahead of time and store it well, then, on New Year morning, arrange them accordingly. To lift the spirit and energy the maximum way possible, avoid white, cream or blue color flowers. You could use multi-color arrangement or other vibrant colors like pink, yellow, purple or red.

Bottom line, make your New Year’s Day, light, fresh, happy, stress free and calm because you deserve it!

We All Need Nature Locations to Purify and Recharge

As the holiday season is upon us and the New Year is fast approaching, more than ever people need to charge up to improve the status quo. It is important to be more conscious of where you can refresh your mind and energy. This means that no matter where you live, you must find a couple of locations that have nature where you can go daily in order to circulate the energy within you. There must be an outlet to release/output stress and tiredness while you could input the positive energy from nature.

Even in the midst of the city it's possible to find a little nature

These are locations that after a stressful day or week when reality overwhelms you, you go there to breathe, heal, think and charge up so that you can better handle what is ahead. Nature and solar energy, especially at dawn and pre-sunset period is how I charge up from my demanding role that has to guide and comfort everyone I have affinity with as the master. It isn’t bars and drinks that can heal, it is nature that has trees, grass, sunlight, water (ocean, river,…) that can refresh our own energy.

For years, I have been telling many of my clients and friends to stop thinking about the heavy issues at home, take them outside to nature and the formula could be figured out much more easily. Intense, heavy issues in our heads are not the energy we should be infusing into our home because it can sink our luck further.

For people who are relocating to a new city, one of the first projects should be finding the nature spots that feel right to one’s vibration. This is the foundation to good mental, emotional and physical health because we are the product to our own environment. Those who have their Five Elements figured out by knowing the information calculated by the birth year, month, date and time, their search could be more precise.

For example, people missing the Water Element should look for an environment that has water like ocean, river, water fountain or pool,… People missing the Wood Element should be looking for a location with trees, grass, flowers,… People missing the Fire Element should be like the people missing the Wood Element, be in the Wood environment and if can find vibrant color flowers like pink, red, orange or purple to look at would be even better. People missing the Earth Element should be somewhere that there are rocks, mountains, soil, stone trail,…. People missing the Metal Element should be finding a place that has exposure from the west direction with lawns and some earth element around.

Especially, people living in the urban environment with very limited time to spare still need to recharge for their own good. With demands of managing the family, one should consider it as not luxury, but, necessity to spare a few minutes in the end of the day to shift the mood to balance before the real interaction with your loved ones. Your feelings will always be felt by them. Being in the city, you might only have a few minutes to sit in the courtyard of your apartment complex or nearby apt. complex with a garden. Be flexible, creative and adaptable in finding where the recharging spots are – something is better than nothing. If you do it right, sitting there for a few minutes to calm your mind, breath and close your eyes to meditate or find your own soul again can be a powerful way to synchronize your energy so that you could have the proper mood to create quality time with your family.

Remember, if you don’t feel good, you are not going to be a good companion to any one. In the journey of life, everyone has his or her own issues, it is good karma to not load too much of your own problems to your loved ones if there is a way that you could solve it yourself. Nature provides you this strength and it is your job to tap into it. Enjoy!