I told you! Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor by August 7, 2009!

People are the product of the environment and in most case, people are also the product of their destiny determined by birth data (date & time). According to the Chinese Astrology also known as the Four Pillar or Five Elements Calculations, our characteristic tendency, strength and weakness were determined at the time of our birth.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

This philosophy is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been around for a couple of thousand years with documented record just about that long as well. It is a statistic that is a very accurate in foretelling someone’s experience throughout one’s life time based on the personality, strength and weaknesses. The Chinese Zodiac year of birth to a person in relations to the rotation of the Chinese Zodiac year we are in from February 4 each year to February 3 the next gives insight whether we are in high or low cycle. The success rate to things we set out to do is easier when it is our high cycle and if our Five Elements of birth is positive to the Five Element cycle of the year, we can get what we want .

This was the reason why my blog posts of June 15th and July 16th predicted Judge Sotomayor would be confirmed. This is a good example to show that we should all know our own Five Elements composition so that we know which is the year we should be proactive or passive. Going with the wind is better than going against the wind wasting resources and energy.

In tough times like this, when a lot of people are trying to bounce back, those who consult Chinese Life Reading Specialist, like myself, would have the competitive advantage over others. The Tin Sun Lineage’s Chinese Life Reading that incorporate reading of the palm, face, Chinese Astrology, Chi , Voice, Body Profile can minimize guess work in life. Calculated risk is one that can be done if you have the reference that helps you to get an upper hand. An open mind to tap into all resources, especially when its still possible to get the benefit of the ancient Chinese wisdom like Chinese Life Reading and Feng Shui through masters with a strong track record and historic lineage. This way it is possible to shape a life strategy aligned with one’s own cycle within the universal cycle.


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