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Feng Shui Principles & Back To School Supplies: Shopping for Success!

This is crunch time for back to school shopping! Did you know you can create the competitive edge for your child to excel in school through the Five Elements principle?

Five Elements chart

Five Elements chart

Authentic Feng Shui or healing systems (Herbal, acupuncture) from the Chinese culture use Yin Yang and the Five Elements principle to balance the subject. Five Elements represented by colors and can be used to help calm or stimulate your child as needed through objects needed for school. A dozen year ago when I was commissioned by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to develop one of the wings and give specs for the architects and interior designers to build from, I was impressed that the medical profession has incorporated Color Therapy into the treatment program already.

Colors we see affect our mood and colors we wear affects how we feel and how we’re seen by others; that’s why adults should wear colors beneficial to our own Five Elements in job interviews, important meetings or even dates we go on.

As parents, it is our responsibility to help best shape the future of our children through knowledge of their Five Elements composition that gives insight to their strength and weaknesses, the high or low cycle as an individual, and how to incorporate colors beneficial to their educational development.

My clients have me do a Five Elements profile of their children at birth, so that the nursery and wardrobe would include balancing, helpful colors, themes, materials and compass directions customized for the best possible development.

Make the main colors of his or her wardrobe the helpful colors as shown here. But if you haven’t gotten a chart done then go with the basic Yin Yang colors reference for now.

If you child is aggressive or overly active, add Yin (gentle) colors that are neutral like khaki, white, pale yellow or gray.

If your child is passive, needs motivation and too easy going, add Yang (dominating) colors like red, orange, purple, pink to stimulate energy.

The ideal wardrobe colors should have the helpful combination as the majority and alternate with the other so that there are choices the children would like.

Kids’ supplies, like school bag, pen, pencil, notebook, book cover, computer cover, screen saver, cell phone cover,…. should correspond to the child’s Five Elements composition. For example, if your child lacks the Wood Element, incorporate book cover with leaves, trees, grass images or green or brown colors to compensate. Children needing Water Element should have fish, seashells, sailboat, blue or black color bookmark, book cover that can be helpful to them.

For adults, having the right colors to wear for job interviews, major meetings or even date mean elevating the chance for success: when you feel good you radiate more positive energy. Women can incorporate these colors through jewelry, purse or scarf, men through ties, key chains, pocket squares. The secret to many executives and owners of businesses through the past couple of dozen years I helped: a stash of various colors of underwear that correspond to their own elements helpful in various Lunar year.

Five Elements for car is sufficient because having a car in colors harmful to your elements means that safety can be jeopardized. One of my clients has too much fire and once was stuck with a red rental car – she felt ill whenever she got into the car, and though she had a driver was still involved in a car accident in this car. Having observed many car color issues in this decade between my dad and myself, we have seen that people driving the wrong color cars often spend more money on repairs and summons.

The things we are surrounded by do have an effect on us, so should be managed wisely. This is an ancient Chinese secret that many parents of Asian descent adapt, to help their children achieve academically. Wishing you smart shopping!

Improving Your Business Results

As I quoted in my last blog post, “Success is the combination of good timing, helpful networking and optimal geography (Feng Shui).” The first two can be calculated by the Chinese Astrology/Four Pillars/Five Elements method, therefore minimizing risk. However, to achieve the commanding position in business or career all three must be aligned.

Sunrise through tree illustrates transforming energy of Fire and organizing energy of Wood

Sunrise through tree illustrates transforming energy of Fire and organizing energy of Wood

For example having a great real estate property for sale in the wrong time, like now. You can sing its praises until you turn your face blue, still not that many people will or even can buy because of the tough financing requirements now or fear of losing future income. Even if you have good networking and good Feng Shui, the curse of wrong timing would be very hard to overcome. In fact, there are plenty of business people experiencing this problem with their projects right now.

Helpful networking is necessary in this stage and age in order to achieve your goals. Not only do you have to know your own real strength and weaknesses from the Chinese Astrology character tendency, you also have to know if your partners (business and personal) or closes alliances are beneficial for you to work with. Through this, you can find out if you are in or going into a lucky or unlucky cycle of the Lunar Zodiac cycle rotation that begins on February 4th each year and ends on the next February 3rd. This can foretell if timing is working for or against you, allowing you to take the appropriate passive or proactive approach professionally and financially.

This is why a lot of top executives of major companies commission me to calculate their charts to augment their strategy decisions. This includes whom to hire in their direct team such as assistant or key positions like CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Manager,… I often advise my clients not only hire the important support staff helpful to him or her, but, hopefully, these people as individual is going into high cycle so that they could bring “luck”, high energy onto the ship. Rubbing elbows with people in high cycle is beneficial while mingling people with low or bad luck has the adverse effect. Energy field is best to be preserved when we can and that’s why selecting the people with helpful energy in the inner circle is a smart thing to do. You get better advice, inspiring ideas more enjoyment out of people that are grounded in thinking that a low cycle person cannot bring to the table.

Optimal geography is good Feng Shui because even if you have good timing and networking, if the product you are selling is in the wrong location or market, all is defeated. This is why franchises spend a lot of money on market research so that they are placed correctly demographically, but, still, wrong spot in the area that has Feng shui problems still can affect their bottom line.

Current Cycle
Based on the Chinese Astrology cycle rotating into, the Water Element year in 2007 through Year of the Boar and 2008 Year of the Rat in this millennium is meant to go through flushing out the old and starting new in very dramatic ways. This Ox year of Double Earth is also heavy going for many. The turn of energy can be predicted and to some extent mitigated with a reliable advisor that has accurate metaphysical insight.

Future Cycle
February 4, 2010 begins the Year of the Tiger, therefore, helpful to people with Chinese Zodiac sign of Boar – not so good for Snake or Monkey. Tiger is a Wood sign, and 2010 will be a Metal year, so there is some conflict there (Metal chops Wood). Tiger year natives are vulnerable in Tiger year. However, this does not mean all Tigers would be unlucky because if the Five Elements is balanced through Feng Shui and the Chinese Astrology, palm, face, voice, chi feature is strong, according to the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage, the chance of success would be possible. This is a comprehensive statistic and accurate science that has evolved for a couple of thousand years in the Chinese culture with documented record.

Feng Shui Calendar: Improve Your Personal Relationships Now

The end of summer is a perfect time to improve your personal relationships before September, when everyone goes back to the same old routine. With a combined 100 years experience in the field with my dad Master Tin Sun, having seen countless families from varied cultural, educational, financial and social backgrounds, we know most families just sail back to the same stressful routine when school starts. Once your family is in the routine there isn’t much peaceful time to communicate deeply.

There is a famous Chinese slogan that translate as, “Success is the combination of good timing, helpful networking and optimal placement (Feng Shui). To achieve a commanding position in business one simply can’t do without all 3 being aligned. I will go over the business aspect in my next post. For harmony with family and loved ones the same holds true: all three aspects are necessary.

Peaceful uplifting surroundings help communication.  Being close to calm water is best.

Peaceful uplifting surroundings help communication. Being close to calm water is best.

This Year of the Ox (double Earth element) is the year to build new foundation as I expressed since last year through my videos. Summer of this Lunar cycle is the significant opportunity to make some positive changes going forward. Summer months represents Fire Element and in this Double Earth Element cycle when heavy, intense energy is still weighing people down, warm months can stimulate growth, improvement and changes. Now is the time to make time to clear the air and devise new routines and ways to communicate that will make your relationships thrive.

I know a lot of families can have better harmony and less resentment and stress from clearing the air and a revised routine. For this they need the cooperation from their life partner or children. My advice is optimizes the window of opportunity through timing and optimal geography now before school starts.

Good timing is now when the weather permits outdoor activities. It is more useful to discuss serious or intense issues surrounded by nature than inside the house. Most homes have not been Feng Shui correctly by the authentic style from the Chinese culture, so the energy (Five Elements composition) of each occupant and how they respond to the energy of the space and other family members has most likely not been balanced. Without knowledge of where the strong, positive point of the house is for communication and strengthening one’s own energy it’s hard to make progress. That being so, bringing up controversial or intense topics often lead to disagreement and no resolution. Until you have the house Feng Shui and know where the strong and weak points are, it is best to take heavy conversation outdoors. This could be in a park or your own backyard.

Solar energy and air flow enables us to be more open mentally and physically, so its easier to agree. For more benefit, best hours now in Northern hemisphere are late afternoon / early evening between 5pm and sunset on a clear calm day with good weather. Beautiful surroundings with a calm water element such as a pond, lake or river (rather than ocean), and cool green trees is best. During late afternoon/ early evening the energy is calmer. Also, having such conversations before sunset allows you to visualize any difficulty being taken away with the setting sun – allowing the day to end on a positive note.

For those who have yet gone on the summer vacation, maybe bring this conversation up with your partner or children on the last day or two of the trip. If you have been having a harmonious time and confident that you could get your points across peacefully, you could touch that subject lightly second to last day and step back. This enables the other person to think about, digest and give you a response later. Then, use the last night to come to a conclusion. If you have been doing your part to ensure joy, respect, harmony during the trip, your suggestion for change should meet less resistance and even if you hit some rough patches, that negative energy is not accumulated in your own home. After all, once you are home, trying to run the same routine like clockwork, the energy would be too uptight lacking ease in your facial, body language or proper verbal delivery.

When there is harmony at home, everyone wins. The art of communication is knowing what to say at the right time and at right place that is not driven by ego or ignorance. Remember, the trick is to start your conversation with a compliment like “Thanks to your hard work, we could still afford to have this vacation and the quality time as a family. I have been really enjoying watching you have fun and relax to release the stress you carried all year around. So, I thought what I could do to help maintain the sense of peace for you & all of us when we get back to our base and came up with some ideas that I like to run by you.”

Start by appreciating the contribution of the other person, acknowledging his or her dedication follow by hoping to do better on your part by modifying the old way.

Communication is an art, rhythm is helpful and when combine with good timing and Feng Shui, the best is yet to come!

Wishing you all a harmonious and productive late summer!

I told you! Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor by August 7, 2009!

People are the product of the environment and in most case, people are also the product of their destiny determined by birth data (date & time). According to the Chinese Astrology also known as the Four Pillar or Five Elements Calculations, our characteristic tendency, strength and weakness were determined at the time of our birth.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

This philosophy is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been around for a couple of thousand years with documented record just about that long as well. It is a statistic that is a very accurate in foretelling someone’s experience throughout one’s life time based on the personality, strength and weaknesses. The Chinese Zodiac year of birth to a person in relations to the rotation of the Chinese Zodiac year we are in from February 4 each year to February 3 the next gives insight whether we are in high or low cycle. The success rate to things we set out to do is easier when it is our high cycle and if our Five Elements of birth is positive to the Five Element cycle of the year, we can get what we want .

This was the reason why my blog posts of June 15th and July 16th predicted Judge Sotomayor would be confirmed. This is a good example to show that we should all know our own Five Elements composition so that we know which is the year we should be proactive or passive. Going with the wind is better than going against the wind wasting resources and energy.

In tough times like this, when a lot of people are trying to bounce back, those who consult Chinese Life Reading Specialist, like myself, would have the competitive advantage over others. The Tin Sun Lineage’s Chinese Life Reading that incorporate reading of the palm, face, Chinese Astrology, Chi , Voice, Body Profile can minimize guess work in life. Calculated risk is one that can be done if you have the reference that helps you to get an upper hand. An open mind to tap into all resources, especially when its still possible to get the benefit of the ancient Chinese wisdom like Chinese Life Reading and Feng Shui through masters with a strong track record and historic lineage. This way it is possible to shape a life strategy aligned with one’s own cycle within the universal cycle.

My Feng Shui Lecture at Citibank

Corporate leaders are working harder to find cost-effective ways to boost staff morale during these tough times. Citibank has been innovative and wise enough to pay attention to such details. On July 30, 2009, one of the Citibank divisions invited me to Greenwich Street to give a talk on the topic of “Tips of Career & Life Path through Feng Shui & Five Elements” open to all Citibank employees. There was enough interest that attendance was several times the usual turnout for these internal events. 2009_0730 Citibank

The outstanding organizers of this event commented after the talk that the message from Pun Yin was so encouraging and helpful to the team morale that the attendees walked away feeling empowered and happy. This was beyond the result that they had gotten from other topics. Before the talk was even over, other locations in the Citibank network started sending requests to do an event in their locations. The enthusiastic Q & A extended the program an additional half hour, and those that could not stay wrote wonderful remarks via the company’s intranet.2009_0730 Citibank2

Power to the Cube
I encouraged the employees to each create a better attitude for themselves in the workplace through personalized Feng Shui Elements that can improve the energy of their work stations. When office workers enhance the feng shui positive energy of their workspaces, one cubical at a time, one section at a time, one day at a time – these transformations can build momentum for the whole company. Helping them see themselves as making this much of a difference to the big picture and dealing with the challenges of this transitional time is an enhancement to corporate consciousness that works. People are the product of their environment, people from top should trickle down to start making positive changes in the environment to send a message to the staff that the company is here to stay and do care about its employees. Doing nothing while the fear escalates among people is the passive approach that makes morale even lower.

Power to the Company
A win/win situation for companies and their employees is to have someone with positive message, with specific pointers that can help 2009_0730 Citibank1improve the work environment and people’s attitude towards their employment. Competitive advantage can be gained by the corporation that plans to bounce back by hiring a qualified Feng Shui master with a strong track record and corporate credibility to start improving the office environments. This small investment is a signal to boost the team spirit that “our ship” has survived the storm and confidence about future growth. Citibank is a first-mover – they broke out of the pack from other counterparts slow to do something like this. The dynamic culture of Citibank with many workers from Asia and India is so evolved and opened-minded, which will help make this one of the companies to rebuild faster than others.

Feng Shui Corporate Motivation
We are in a new era – motivational speaking has been a big industry for a long time when the economic environment was in an upswing. As a Feng Shui master, I am a new kind of motivational speaker, who inspires through personalized approach using the Feng Shui and Five Elements Composition/Chinese Astrology/Four Pillar study – and really reaches people! I enjoyed myself a lot and it was a joy for me to see that the corporate mainstream has become so aware of Feng Shui, asking for more advanced information vs. the basic introduction to the subject in my lectures over a dozen years ago at American Express corporate headquarters, and other charities, corporate events I’ve done over the years.

The press, which has documented my successful track record, really helped popularized Feng Shui for people from all walks of life although not all practitioners or authors are created equal nor have documented track records for people to refer to. Feng Shui is like any profession – educated consumers must do good research before entrusting just anyone. The downside of popularization and familiarization is the market being flooded with practitioners and authors who came out of short courses and lack proper guidance, field training, and experience.

Citibank has done its research well of various Feng Shui practitioners out there before the decision of reaching to Pun Yin who has chosen to be more low key in the recent years to step back into the spot light because it is her duty to bring light to the people in times like this. I hope that other corporations can take note; If you want the soul of your company to be healthy again, being in denial, not dealing with fixing the environment and morale of the employees is a short-sighted strategy. You want to get back on top of the game? Be proactive through Feng Shui & inspiring messages that boost people’s attitude!