Mirror Mirror on the wall, are you the best Feng Shui Prescription of all?

In the past 20 years my father Master Tin Sun and I have fixed many cases of new clients who had strings of bad luck after they spent thousands of dollars on the advice of western Feng shui practitioners they hired. Very often, because the bad luck started so quickly one right after another, they knew that they had to find the “real Feng Shui McCoy” to fix serious problems – even it if meant paying more money so quickly on top of the crystals, statues, flutes, Bau Gua, ribbons (and more) that the Feng Shui consultant had them buy. I will address these items in a future post, but for now, the most harmful of these non-authentic prescriptions: Mirrors.

In the past twenty-five years, about 97% of the people in the American Feng Shui profession came out of courses that taught formulas relying on mirrors. Mirrors are not part of the authentic Feng Shui teachings – in fact the ancient teachings predate glass mirrors by at least several centuries. Mirrors have a quality that makes them a double-edged sword at best: they absorb and hold negative energy and reflect it back out.

Here is a list of places I have seen mirrors prescribed to my clients, and what the danger of each placement is:

Behind the range or stove increases confrontation in the household, rapid burning out of

Mirror behind the stove increases anger

Mirror behind the stove increases anger

asset, restless sleep, insomnia, aggressive dreams, increase agitation, nervousness, …
In accordance with Feng Shui, the fire in the kitchen should be grounded, contained and concentrated in order to maintain wealth and health of the occupants, not spread. Mirror here spreads the hustle and bustle energy creating disturbance instead.

Facing the Front Door disturbs family unity, reduces wealth and helpful networking.
In accordance with Feng Shui, this “Yuen Guan” foyer position gathers the energy from outside (mouth /nose) before spreading to other parts (organs/glands) of the house. Therefore, should not have a mirror reflecting the energy back out the door or reflective the back of door when it is closed. If you really think about it, doesn’t it feel more grounding and welcoming to be looking at a pleasant artwork to help you shift your mind to your Home Sweet home mode vs. an image of you after a day of running around?! The wall that faces the front door is the first impression of your home and who you are for your guests to see, not themselves.

Reflecting the bed creates restless sleep, more dreams, relationship disharmony affecting the

Mirrors reflecting the bed harm rest and relationships

Mirrors reflecting the bed harm rest and relationships

concentration and career in the long run besides declining health.

Reflecting the desk diminishes your power, concentration, emotional calmness, benefits of your hard work.

Tilted to reflect the ceiling places limits in the growth of career and money.

Some unusual places clients that showed us that they had been advised to place mirrors are: small round mirror between mattress and box spring, under the bed, behind the toilet. These are so terrible I can’t even justify them with an explanation.

Places that can digest lots of mirrors are hair salon, dance studio, boutique, where they are a part of the business. In these cases the flow of traffic is more, and because of the high traffic the effects are absorbed among a greater number of people. Even so, these businesses should not have the mirrors reflecting the cash register or office.

This being said, sometimes mirrors can be used beneficially: when they pull in a view that is positive, or redirect that view to a major meridian walkway – as long as it is not reflecting one of the power positions like bed, desk, stove range. Respect the dual nature of mirror energy, and buyer beware if your Feng Shui consultant is advising you to use them in these harmful ways.


2 responses to “Mirror Mirror on the wall, are you the best Feng Shui Prescription of all?

  1. Hi Master Punyin,
    I wonder if it is a good thing to have our grandparents ‘s ashes in our house? It is my father’s parents and he prefer it that way. I heard that those ashes will cause us alots of problems , and any fengshui won’t work at all if there is human ashes in side the home.
    Thank you Master Punyin .

  2. It is not good to have Yin energy like ashes of your loved ones inside a Yang site such as your residence. Ashes should be buried or placed in a temple or something.

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