Palin’s Lesson

Silence is Golden and Sarah Palin should really learn this lesson from Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie, that I mentioned in the earlier blog post with her. Strong cheekbone / jaw bone featured-people have extremely strong pride – so they tend to do everything possible to be in a more commanding position. Sometimes, this driven tendency drives them to extremes – they go too far, becoming vulnerable to attacks.

Anjelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton learned that being passionate, proactive and outspoken can backfire – especially if, as in the case of Palin, one is acting on will, not a strong foundation. This is especially so for people with strong face features because their dominating energy stimulates opposition.

Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie, who achieved success early, went full force with their ambitions. Their uncompromising actions caused relationships to be stressed – and they, too became more vulnerable because they did not take the thought to develop a more humble public persona. They both learned the hard way how cruel public condemnation could be and figured out the strategy to break the curse of their “Strength” that could be hated by others.

When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Smarter!
Hillary took the more humble road by starting as a junior senator and working her way up to earn respect as her own person with positive actions, not words. She developed strong collegial relationships in the Senate by hard work. Then, she “showed her human side” by being vulnerable” when the race to the White House was not looking like it was in her pocket. She instantly won a lot of people over – and is now Secretary of State. Angelina used humanitarian missions to change public opinion of her that won her the “hunk” of Hollywood (Brad), and world wide respect of her refugee mission.

During transition, both of these incredibly smart ladies did their best to minimize public statements while they kept on building an unselfish image by putting a meaningful cause before their self interests.

You Can’t Fool Enough People Enough of the Time
Improving oneself, contributing energy to a meaningful cause, avoiding drawing attention that brings scrutiny is the only approach that Sarah Palin should take if she dreams of ever having a future in politics. Even now, she thinks this drama is helping her, but the more she defends her choice and position now, the more she looks hollow, power-driven, and guilty of even more things in the eyes of the public. I don’t think most people buy that her stepping down is for the good of others.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going; but, do it in a smart way like her predecessors. If you have strong features like these women, do try to humble yourself and listen to emotionally stable, wise people to keep you on track. When you think “you figured it out” all on your own, you might be about to self-destruct.


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