Independence Day Musings: Face Reading Shows Your Personal Level of Power / Part II

Most people in positions of command or power usually share three traits in common based on the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage: high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in their Five Elements birth charts. This post and yesterday’s Part I give an overview of this phenomenon.

If you know anyone that has such features, here are some tips on how to mingle with them without getting burned. If he or she is your:

Boss – Be obedient and agreeable because he or she can be quite short in temper and patience. Strive to give more than 100% or else, you won’t be kept long by this kind of boss.

Employee – Be professional and diplomatic to avoid vengeance in departure like bad mouthing, legal challenge or being your competition someday. This person likes to settle the score and is ambitious.

Love interest – Don’t spoil him or her too much or they will develop the habit of dominating over you. This person is controlling and bossy.

Friend – Know that he or she always likes to be the “wiser and more successful one” with the last word, not the compassionate , objective listener you would like to turn to in hard times. You can count on someone like this to defend you, but don’t burden them with the details that cause your tears.

Sibling, cousin, etc. – Be diplomatic. Minimize contact to avoid judgmental views or remarks about you. Don’t brag about your success unless he or she is same or above you in that regard because this person does not like to be topped.

Parent – As you most likely are enjoying the material success which someday you would inherit more of, do well in your education and behave well. As long as you don’t bring shame to the family honor, you could enjoy being taken care of.

Child – Walk the walk and talk the talk because he or she would challenge you and disobey. Have a firm, calm, reasonable persona in order to manage this child. Before 10 years old be diligent in teaching the virtue of humility, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and kind social interaction.

Child’s love interest – Pray that they would break up before marriage because having a son or daughter-in-law like this means that confrontation and disagreement could be intense. He or she is not the negotiating type and wants to be in control.

Yourself – If you are someone successful bearing these features and has yet to reach thirty years old, remember that you need to build a network of great soul supporters around you and remind you of your faults before you encounter actual challenges later on in life. True friends keep you humble and supported because everyone goes through ups and downs, a lonely soldier is hard to be.
If you have these features and had experience the “downs” in life already, congratulate yourself for the realization that the fortune you have is a blessings that the divine so kindly blessed you with. You should not take it for granted thinking that you alone accomplished it.

Reflecting on your life in this Independence Day period after reading this post, maybe you could realize that who among your life possesses independence because he or she has the “Power” based on their destiny. A last thought to meditate on: Even the most independent and powerful among us is still absolutely interdependent in truth with all beings.


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