Independence Day Musings: Face Reading Shows Your Personal Level of Power / Part I

Most people in positions of command or power usually share three traits in common based on the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage: high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in their Five Elements birth charts. This post and Part II give an overview of this phenomenon.

I hope everyone had an inspiring Independence Day weekend! The huge freedom in the U.S. gives many of us a chance to be as powerful and commanding as we wish to strive for in our professional, social or personal circle. The three traits I will explain in this post are high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in the Five Elements birth chart.

These three women's faces illustrate the features I am discussing

These three women's faces illustrate the features I am discussing

Some powerful women who share these attributes are Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Palin: all have strong cheekbones and strong angular jaws. These facial features represent power and command in the Face Reading portion of the Chinese Destiny Reading. Almost all people who have these features are leaders in their spheres, professionally, socially or domestically. And if these features accompany good looks, social IQ and charm, most of the time, they could attract many admirers that enable them to marry well if they choose.

Adding a strong Fire Element (Chinese Astrology Five Elements Reading) brings the trait of liking to call the shots. Fire people are strong communicators – risk takers with ambition, ability, sharp mind, passion, patriotic spirit, and pride. If they commit, they could throw themselves in 150% and disregard their personal lives and the sacrifices that their loved ones also have to bear. This is the danger that often affects marriages of people with such strong Yang Chi on their faces and in their Five Elements composition. people of such features often pay a price on a personal level because they still must learn to be less self -centered, make compromises and develop a higher level of acceptance of others.

Since they very often see success by their twenties, they aren’t the most humble crowd. They can be quite critical of other people and situations. Because they are so dominating, they don’t have many real friends to let their guards down with, causing them to be somewhat isolated on a human level. This often causes them to be even more Yang and neglect development of the heart and human relationships that could support them through thick and thin. The danger becomes that when they are down, their pride can cause them to bite the bullet beyond a fixable level instead of reaching out to seek advice or help. They would rather pay any price to avoid looking like they are vulnerable and not on top of the world, so they can exhaust themselves emotionally just to keep up.

People with these command features can be too confident, self absorbed and manipulative. They are not nurturing types that are easy to be friends with. Unless you are at their level, these people could seem condescending and unapproachable. If one has these features, it would be beneficial to learn to be softer to others in your views (less judgmental) and ways of expression in order to avoid being seen as conceited. And a word of warning: Secure your own skills before taking leaps to greater ambition. The ocean’s big waves could swallow the fish from the small pond that was considered big – like the case of Sarah Palin. Her resignation has to do with her realization that her beauty and charm could not control the real battle in politics, since she and her family failed to maintain an ideal record.


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