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Mirror Mirror on the wall, are you the best Feng Shui Prescription of all?

In the past 20 years my father Master Tin Sun and I have fixed many cases of new clients who had strings of bad luck after they spent thousands of dollars on the advice of western Feng shui practitioners they hired. Very often, because the bad luck started so quickly one right after another, they knew that they had to find the “real Feng Shui McCoy” to fix serious problems – even it if meant paying more money so quickly on top of the crystals, statues, flutes, Bau Gua, ribbons (and more) that the Feng Shui consultant had them buy. I will address these items in a future post, but for now, the most harmful of these non-authentic prescriptions: Mirrors.

In the past twenty-five years, about 97% of the people in the American Feng Shui profession came out of courses that taught formulas relying on mirrors. Mirrors are not part of the authentic Feng Shui teachings – in fact the ancient teachings predate glass mirrors by at least several centuries. Mirrors have a quality that makes them a double-edged sword at best: they absorb and hold negative energy and reflect it back out.

Here is a list of places I have seen mirrors prescribed to my clients, and what the danger of each placement is:

Behind the range or stove increases confrontation in the household, rapid burning out of

Mirror behind the stove increases anger

Mirror behind the stove increases anger

asset, restless sleep, insomnia, aggressive dreams, increase agitation, nervousness, …
In accordance with Feng Shui, the fire in the kitchen should be grounded, contained and concentrated in order to maintain wealth and health of the occupants, not spread. Mirror here spreads the hustle and bustle energy creating disturbance instead.

Facing the Front Door disturbs family unity, reduces wealth and helpful networking.
In accordance with Feng Shui, this “Yuen Guan” foyer position gathers the energy from outside (mouth /nose) before spreading to other parts (organs/glands) of the house. Therefore, should not have a mirror reflecting the energy back out the door or reflective the back of door when it is closed. If you really think about it, doesn’t it feel more grounding and welcoming to be looking at a pleasant artwork to help you shift your mind to your Home Sweet home mode vs. an image of you after a day of running around?! The wall that faces the front door is the first impression of your home and who you are for your guests to see, not themselves.

Reflecting the bed creates restless sleep, more dreams, relationship disharmony affecting the

Mirrors reflecting the bed harm rest and relationships

Mirrors reflecting the bed harm rest and relationships

concentration and career in the long run besides declining health.

Reflecting the desk diminishes your power, concentration, emotional calmness, benefits of your hard work.

Tilted to reflect the ceiling places limits in the growth of career and money.

Some unusual places clients that showed us that they had been advised to place mirrors are: small round mirror between mattress and box spring, under the bed, behind the toilet. These are so terrible I can’t even justify them with an explanation.

Places that can digest lots of mirrors are hair salon, dance studio, boutique, where they are a part of the business. In these cases the flow of traffic is more, and because of the high traffic the effects are absorbed among a greater number of people. Even so, these businesses should not have the mirrors reflecting the cash register or office.

This being said, sometimes mirrors can be used beneficially: when they pull in a view that is positive, or redirect that view to a major meridian walkway – as long as it is not reflecting one of the power positions like bed, desk, stove range. Respect the dual nature of mirror energy, and buyer beware if your Feng Shui consultant is advising you to use them in these harmful ways.


Solar Eclipse Coincides with New Moon July 22nd: a Spiritual Opportunity

The coincidence of a Total Solar Eclipse with the New Moon (first day of Lunar calendar month) tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd, is an opportunity to improve your success. In tough economic times like these it makes sense to take a rare opportunity to shift the energy to positive.

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd 2009

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow, Wednesday July 22nd 2009

According to the Chinese Almanac, it is the last Lunar First in this summer period that is of the Fire Element. In the current double-earth Ox year that started on 2/4/09 and ends on 2/3/10 sluggish energy prohibits real growth and breakthrough. The Fire Element summer months this year allow for greater vitality. If one uses this period wisely to plant the seeds of growth and improvement, good things can happen.

In particular, when it is a spiritual date like the Lunar First aligning with a solar eclipse, intention through prayer could be particularly powerful. The magnetic energy that effects the metaphysical significance of a spiritual date can shift the momentum of things in your life if you prepare yourself and do the right thing before and during that day.

New moon tonight at 11pm Tuesday July 21st: Time for meditation and prayer

New moon tonight at 11pm Tuesday July 21st: Time for meditation and prayer

Many astrologers foretell of terrible misfortune like natural disasters, war and violence from a solar eclipse, but in my view, “That is already our reality for some time already, so?” As a Feng Shui and Chinese Destiny Reading master, I want to shed some light in a day that many mystical traditions perceive as very negative:

In the past 35 years of working with my clients and my father, Master Tin Sun’s clients to help them get in the driver seat of their own lives, my goal to give light in times of darkness. Timing for the portal to shift our reality is upon us, so, as a good deed, spread the word so that more people may maximize the positive instead of succumbing to fear and negativity.

According to Lunar calculation, 11pm tonight, Tuesday July 21st is the moment of the shift to the Lunar First that begins the July 22nd calculation in the solar calendar. We can improve the vibration of the world through each of us by tuning in to the divine connection in all – in whatever spiritual or religious tradition is one’s practice. Please set up a prayer altar before that time and be there receptively in time to accept the transition. Hopefully, you know the good Feng Shui meridian position of your space and use this as the channel into the spiritual side of you peacefully. Unfortunately, not enough people had Feng Shui done from the authentic form that helped you to identify the strength of your location base on the Earth Energy and your individual Five Element energy. Maybe now, you would do something about it so that you don’t miss the next chance like this.

Today, buy your flowers, fruits or whatever you need that can help set up a sacred prayer space or altar. Calmly organize them in a nice way so that it is in front of your spiritual symbol at home you use for prayer or on a table in front of the windows to the sky. If you don’t have a table in the right spot to elevate this prayer position, put a new cloth over the offerings.

Before 11pm, be in a prayer position and start your gratitude prayer – so that your prayer doesn’t turn into a “Wish List”. State your name and offer thanks to the divine blessings for everything, smooth or not, ideal or not because they helped shape our character and paid back karmic debts. After the prayer of thanks, you could then mention the few reasonable, fair wishes you hope to achieve and most importantly, what your contribution back to the world and others will be. I can’t stress enough the importance of delivering on the promise once you achieve your goals. Often people neglect this. When you make a pact – whether with people or the divine forces, borrow and repay gives you the credibility that you can borrow again. One should not be the selfish self of just ask and never return. My Catholic background that evolved to Buddhism and universal belief has me know the importance of never take any blessings or lessons for granted. Having the grace to accept our reality after we made the effort to improve is the “50% divine plan” that is our destiny according to Chinese wisdom. Make peace with it.

Embody virtue through responsible thoughts, proper action, kind temperament and words,… all increase our vibration so that when we pray and ask, the divine connection would be there for us. In general and especially on this Wednesday. think nice, be nice and speak nicely. This way, when you tune in through your prayer to shift your reality, you are an open channel to receive divine energy. Would you remember to ask for world peace, too?

Blessings to you all!

Improve Energy of the Master Bedroom Through Feng Shui Principles

According to the authentic form of Feng Shui that originated from the Chinese culture about five thousand years ago, there are three major places of focus to analyze the Feng Shui and chi of a residence: The entrance, the master bedroom and the kitchen.

The negative energy in the bedroom at top actually made the client ill.  The bedroom on the bottom is more calm.

The negative energy in the bedroom at top actually made the client ill. The bedroom on the bottom is more calm.

So, in accordance with traditional Feng Shui, one of the major ways of improving the energy is to start with the master bedroom, and this is what I suggest people focus on when trying to deal with improving the energy. Time is limited, so start clearing things out of your master bedroom that are not essential to sleeping and resting. The combined 100 years of field experience between my father and I, we have seen too often that people clutter their night tables – a very common mistake – but one easily fixed! Pill bottles, more than one book (stacks of books sometimes), newspapers, magazines, telephone, alarm clocks, candles, spiritual objects and other personal objects are what we see all the time. This is very bad Feng Shui that drains from the sense of calmness one should see and feel when approaching the bed where people are supposed to feel relaxed and recharge well. It is important to be lying next to minimal things that enable you to feel order and serenity. Not the drama of the books or other reading texts. Not the negative electric magnetite field of the phone, wall plug alarm clock,… By our bedside, the less the better.

For people with strong fire energy or in career of high stress, it might help to have two small smooth stones, each the size of half your palm, that you may rotate two at a time in one palm and get into a calmer state through the Earth Element that absorbs the stress from you. Think of the connectivity to nature and this as a predictable routine that you have control over in your life. You do need to cleanse these stone periodically.

Then, clear the entry area to your master bedroom and place tranquil objects on that wall that are helpful to your own vibrations, based on your own Five Elements Composition. A traditional Feng Shui master from the Chinese culture that knows the varying tastes in current design would be able to help you to figure out a customized theme helpful to you.

Clear things under your bed. This is especially important if you are trying to find a mate in your life. Things under bed block the earth chi that suppose to travel up freely and be active in the room. This applies to rooms in apartment units as well.

Lastly, clear the path to your bed from the bedroom entry so that it won’t be a twist and turn before getting there. Simplicity and clarity is ideal where the energy travels through.
These are some of the more important pointers among a list of other things that an authentic Feng Shui master would be looking into in relations to how objects affect your state of mind and energy field.

2009 Client Study

This past Friday I revisited a client to update her feng shui and see how my feng shui prescriptions for her had been implemented.

A correctly placed pool can enhance wealth

A correctly placed pool can enhance wealth

I took a couple of pictures with my phone and put them on my website with some explanation. Please visit my 2009 client study page for the full story.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Lunar Calendar Chart: Time of Transition

Update: Senate Judiciary panel approves Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor in a 13-6 vote.
July 28, 2009
In my earlier post that analyzed Judge Sotomayor’s Five Elements Chinese Astrology charts, I mentioned that by August her network will have been established already for the advancement to her next position as Supreme Court Justice.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Based on the characteristics within her, according to the Five Elements composition, I knew she has what it takes to be calm, collected, stable and professional – causing the “Wise Latino” remark to lose its momentum as we have seen during this confirmation hearing.

Along the time frame of the Lunar calendar, August 7th is already transitioning into the Autumn, and her advancement is supposed to have been confirmed already before the Lunar calendar Summer is over.

During the hearings, Judge Sotomayor has been a great listener, sensitively “giving face” to everyone that threw her the tough punches with some ridiculous remarks in front of the media. She was able to glide over them because she has the strong Water Element, enabling her to smoothly flow past them.

I am happy to say that her mission is on track and another historic moment is about to be achieved in America during this year of the Ox. This year there are supposed to be various new foundations beginning. It is good that one of the most powerful nations in the world is in the spotlight to show the world that discrimination will not any longer stop people that are willing to do hard work to achieve the American Dream.

Palin’s Lesson

Silence is Golden and Sarah Palin should really learn this lesson from Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie, that I mentioned in the earlier blog post with her. Strong cheekbone / jaw bone featured-people have extremely strong pride – so they tend to do everything possible to be in a more commanding position. Sometimes, this driven tendency drives them to extremes – they go too far, becoming vulnerable to attacks.

Anjelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton learned that being passionate, proactive and outspoken can backfire – especially if, as in the case of Palin, one is acting on will, not a strong foundation. This is especially so for people with strong face features because their dominating energy stimulates opposition.

Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie, who achieved success early, went full force with their ambitions. Their uncompromising actions caused relationships to be stressed – and they, too became more vulnerable because they did not take the thought to develop a more humble public persona. They both learned the hard way how cruel public condemnation could be and figured out the strategy to break the curse of their “Strength” that could be hated by others.

When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Smarter!
Hillary took the more humble road by starting as a junior senator and working her way up to earn respect as her own person with positive actions, not words. She developed strong collegial relationships in the Senate by hard work. Then, she “showed her human side” by being vulnerable” when the race to the White House was not looking like it was in her pocket. She instantly won a lot of people over – and is now Secretary of State. Angelina used humanitarian missions to change public opinion of her that won her the “hunk” of Hollywood (Brad), and world wide respect of her refugee mission.

During transition, both of these incredibly smart ladies did their best to minimize public statements while they kept on building an unselfish image by putting a meaningful cause before their self interests.

You Can’t Fool Enough People Enough of the Time
Improving oneself, contributing energy to a meaningful cause, avoiding drawing attention that brings scrutiny is the only approach that Sarah Palin should take if she dreams of ever having a future in politics. Even now, she thinks this drama is helping her, but the more she defends her choice and position now, the more she looks hollow, power-driven, and guilty of even more things in the eyes of the public. I don’t think most people buy that her stepping down is for the good of others.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going; but, do it in a smart way like her predecessors. If you have strong features like these women, do try to humble yourself and listen to emotionally stable, wise people to keep you on track. When you think “you figured it out” all on your own, you might be about to self-destruct.

Independence Day Musings: Face Reading Shows Your Personal Level of Power / Part II

Most people in positions of command or power usually share three traits in common based on the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage: high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and a strong Fire Element in their Five Elements birth charts. This post and yesterday’s Part I give an overview of this phenomenon.

If you know anyone that has such features, here are some tips on how to mingle with them without getting burned. If he or she is your:

Boss – Be obedient and agreeable because he or she can be quite short in temper and patience. Strive to give more than 100% or else, you won’t be kept long by this kind of boss.

Employee – Be professional and diplomatic to avoid vengeance in departure like bad mouthing, legal challenge or being your competition someday. This person likes to settle the score and is ambitious.

Love interest – Don’t spoil him or her too much or they will develop the habit of dominating over you. This person is controlling and bossy.

Friend – Know that he or she always likes to be the “wiser and more successful one” with the last word, not the compassionate , objective listener you would like to turn to in hard times. You can count on someone like this to defend you, but don’t burden them with the details that cause your tears.

Sibling, cousin, etc. – Be diplomatic. Minimize contact to avoid judgmental views or remarks about you. Don’t brag about your success unless he or she is same or above you in that regard because this person does not like to be topped.

Parent – As you most likely are enjoying the material success which someday you would inherit more of, do well in your education and behave well. As long as you don’t bring shame to the family honor, you could enjoy being taken care of.

Child – Walk the walk and talk the talk because he or she would challenge you and disobey. Have a firm, calm, reasonable persona in order to manage this child. Before 10 years old be diligent in teaching the virtue of humility, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and kind social interaction.

Child’s love interest – Pray that they would break up before marriage because having a son or daughter-in-law like this means that confrontation and disagreement could be intense. He or she is not the negotiating type and wants to be in control.

Yourself – If you are someone successful bearing these features and has yet to reach thirty years old, remember that you need to build a network of great soul supporters around you and remind you of your faults before you encounter actual challenges later on in life. True friends keep you humble and supported because everyone goes through ups and downs, a lonely soldier is hard to be.
If you have these features and had experience the “downs” in life already, congratulate yourself for the realization that the fortune you have is a blessings that the divine so kindly blessed you with. You should not take it for granted thinking that you alone accomplished it.

Reflecting on your life in this Independence Day period after reading this post, maybe you could realize that who among your life possesses independence because he or she has the “Power” based on their destiny. A last thought to meditate on: Even the most independent and powerful among us is still absolutely interdependent in truth with all beings.