Bernard Madoff’s Character revealed through Face Reading

Bernard Madoff’s sentence yesterday of 150 years was hardly a real closure for so many of his victims. The emotional pain a person like Madoff inflicts can actually be detected through the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading that the Tin Sun Lineage incorporates into the Destiny Reading of individuals.

Lips, nose and earlobe features discussed in post are visible in this photo

Lips, nose and earlobe features discussed in post are visible in this photo

Whether it is your investment broker, potential business or life partner you are dating and even people you deal with closely on a professional or social level, you can learn the basics to protect yourself by reading “the signs”. Even more important is learning about one’s own face and what can be done to improve the karma it symbolizes.

The art of reading someone’s character, integrity and emotional tendency has been documented for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. Let the con man Madoff be an example that draws the attention of western consciousness to know that we can read the alarming signs in a person that we plan to invest with – emotionally or financially!

The lips tell the story
Madoff has very thin lips, a clear negative for character and tendency. Some of the characteristics associated with a person’s lip features are:
A person with very thin lips can be harsh and ruthless. (Madoff, Tom Cruise)
A person with pointy top lip that is like a peak can speak very harshly and always likes the last word.
A person with lips that don’t shut all the way when in silence can’t keep secret and likes to talk too much.
A person with thick lips is emotionally charged (Angelina Jolie)
A person with lips that curve up has a fortunate life that can contain the blessings.
A person with lips that curve down is one that has a tough, bitter life and hard to contain fortune even when it comes. (Ruth Madoff, Anna Nicole Smith)

Prescription for Thin-lipped People
A man with thin lips and/or a narrow nose should grow a mustache to compensate for the weak energy (chi) of his features. This accomplishes the same as placing a plant to add Wood Element to elevate the chi in a low energy home. On a more spiritual level, all people with these facial features, which reflect current karmic challenges, can use contemplation and development of virtues to weaken negative tendencies. Make a practice of cutting people slack. Become less self absorbed. Do anonymous charity. Don’t be over-protective, territorial or possessive. You can expiate karma in this lifetime instead of creating even more negative karma that you will have to bear in future incarnations.

Face Reading and Karma
There are hundreds of details of how to read someone’s inner state through lip features by looking at the color, shape of upper and bottom lips individually, size, angles, length, lines formation, angles when speaking or silence, and how protruding they are from the face in profile.
If you are getting involved with someone who has lips very thin like Madoff and Tom Cruise, you better know that you need to protect yourself financially and emotionally. Someone like this could cut you off completely if you are no longer of any use and they could be very heartless. A lot of times people with such lips feature have a lonely golden age (old age).
The negative ramification to thin lips is made worst if the nose is very narrow and sharp in shape because this person can be very cold if he or she disagrees with you. This means this person can cut you out of your fair share.
In the case of Madoff, his thin lips are accompanied with an “Eagle Shape Nose” that is of a feature associates with conning, calculating and manipulative in nature according to the Chinese Face Reading art. Doing business with this kind of nose feature is one that you would most likely not get your fair share.

Besides these general characteristics to reading the nose and lips, in face reading, the nose represents the person’s life from 41-50 yrs. Old, and the lips represent the time from 55-65 yrs. old.
For Madoff, who has thin lips and slim earlobes that are associated with limited blessings, loneliness, bitterness, sorrows and regrets may be his biggest punishments. If he even knows karma curses CAN PASS to the offspring for at least three generations according to Buddhism and law of justice, the worst is yet to come. Let this be known to the western consciousness and all those corporate leaders that are taking more than their fair share.

In the Chinese culture, where Buddhism, karma connectivity of blessings and curses from family association and Destiny are interconnected, the Tin Sun Lineage over many generations has seen countless cases in which the children and grandchildren have paid a terrible price for what the parents and grandparents have done. You may see conning people seemingly get away with it within the legal systems, but, masters like me and my father, Master Tin Sun, know the true pain behind the glory of riches from unjust money. The American culture that is young and new to this ancient wisdom actually doesn’t need to look far in understanding this philosophy if one studies the evolution of the families that developed and monopolized different industries in American history. If Madoff’s wife and children want to break the serious karma curse on them and their offspring, they should work to figure out a way to pay back out of their pockets the countless people they’ve hurt.


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  1. While a person with wet lips means they are standing in the rain. A person with blue lips means they are choking. Cold lips means they are dead. A person with wide, fat lips requires double the chapstick of the national average : )

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