Michael Jackson Destiny Revealed


I was interviewed by MTV in 2006 when it was the year of the Dog, the Chinese Astrology sign that Michael Jackson belonged to, I was asked to comment his and other celebrities who were born under the same sign. My comment about Michael Jackson was that the plastic surgery he did on his nose “chopped his fortune away and it got worse every time he did work on it”. He broke his chi and ability to hold his wealth with each nose job.

Being a Feng Shui master and expert in Chinese Destiny Reading – which enables me to know the soul and mind of a person – I know for sure that fame and fortune do not equate to peace and contentment. As a spiritual and compassionate person with insights to what challenge or gift a person is born with (based on the Chinese Destiny Reading system of the Tin Sun Lineage, encompassing Four Pillars/Five Elements Philosophy/Chinese Astrology, Palm, Face, Voice, Chi, and Body profile Reading), I want to help people better their lives. It is such a shame that the western culture is unaware of the possibility of knowing one’s own destiny, therefore, most people go about life being ignorant and helpless to it. This makes them the victims of circumstances from birth that can stay with them throughout life as we see in the case of Michael Jackson.

Having fame and fortune, yet, no true friend or advisor that has his best interest at heart to help him sort through personal feelings with confidentiality is the agony of famous and successful people. Sure, there are plenty of psychologists, astrologers, trainers and all kinds of consultants around; but the celebrity circle seems to lack a true advisor that could get to the core of the issues with a comprehensive approach. Treating the surface causes them to not be able to correct the problem at the source and make peace with the past, present and future.

The most effective solution to better one’s life is analyzing birth data through the Four Pillars philosophy that pinpoints the characteristics, gifts, challenges, up and down cycles of a person from birth onward and on how the cycles are affected on an annual basis base by the Lunar cycle. This is the way to help a person see what is meant to be, then, through the awakening and Feng Shui to redirect the path.

The Chinese Astrology composition of Michael Jackson has him weighed down by the Earth Element with intensity in the Metal Element. This means that he absorbed remarks from people that he could not shake off easily, and held grudges – negative feelings that destroyed his own sense of peace. To make matter worse, the seed of his Chinese Astrology was also an Earth Element to intensify the Double Earth Element he was born with, making him even more introverted.

The childhood and youth reflected by the Monthly stem were both of Metal Element, therefore, it indicated the enormous pressure as a child who lived around being “shown” and superficial rim. It was a childhood robbed and unable to develop fully. In other word, he was sadly born to be a victim of the outer force whether it was by family or social reasons. I give him credit that regardless of his private pain and confusion, he was able to contribute his talent to the world and we should cut him the slack. After all, he united people of all races through his music and brought pride to African Americans and the US.

In the Chinese Destiny Reading of the Tin Sun Lineage, we also study a person’s face to know the overall wellness in life in regards to health, wealth, career & relationship,… For a couple of thousand years with documented record in the Chinese culture, “the nose of a woman reflects the wealth of her husband while the nose on a man reflects his own wealth”. Many Jewish women get nose work adjusting the elevation and that is less harmful than what Michael Jackson did reducing its width. Jacky Chan and many wealthy people have strong feature nose that has enough width to ground the wealth energy. Michael Jackson created most of his fortune before his nose job and if he would have consulted in me, I would have convinced him to avoid such work.

Being strong Earth Element while missing the Water and Fire Element, he was lacking the Fire Energy to feed to his Earth Element because in the Five Elements philosophy, Fire feeds Earth. This means he gets drained out easily and lack fuel to move forward – and this would have been something that I could have helped him to overcome. He should have adapted more Fire Energy into his energy field through solar charge with sunlight which I know he purposely avoided. He should have also adapted Fire Element colors around and on him to increase the Yang chi that he lacked. Fire Element is associated with strength, vitality, courage and having the right Feng Shui colors in his space and wardrobe could have helped him.

At the same time, he was missing the Water Element, which provides flexibility and adaptability. It is dangerous to have intense Earth Element while missing the Water Element because the risks of mental and energetic stagnation multiply. Imagine soil that lacks rain for a long time, it is not fertile creating cracks and crumples, similar to Michael’s mental state, stuck and buried in his own emotions. If he had been my client, I would have talked him into swimming to ease the intense Earth energy he was weighed down with.

The bubble he created for himself was a time bomb to early death. My customized plan for his wellness based on his core energy would have been swim at sundown, when the prana (energy) is best in releasing negativity. And I would have him swim in ocean or salt water pool as much as possible. I could also give him the alternative of taking salt bath and submerge from head to toes. When the energy moves, the mind moves and there is a greater opportunity to be more mentally balanced when energy is balanced.

Michael was not the first person to be victimized by his own iconic status, nor the last. When will the western consciousness become aware of the ancient Chinese wisdom that can awaken people to their own destiny and find peace within? Like in the Art of War, “Know your opponent/challenges and know yourself, you shall be victorious in every battle.”


3 responses to “Michael Jackson Destiny Revealed

  1. Michael couldn’t stay in the sun light due to his skin condition- vitiligo! He wanted to, but he couldn’t – he was risking skin cancer! The rest of the article is intersting though…

  2. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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